It’s Official: Kendall Jenner Is “Over” One of 2016’s Biggest Trends

It’s safe to say that no celebrity endorsed the choker trend in 2016 more than Kendall Jenner. The model wore the ’90s staple with athleisure, formalwear, and everything in between. But it seems that her love affair with the most popular iteration of the ’90s trend—fabric chokers—has ended.

Jenner recently took to her website to wax poetic on her current feelings about the polarizing trend, saying, “I know, I was wearing fabric chokers all the time—and it’s not to say I don’t still love them—but I’m over them right now.” But it appears she’s not over the choker trend completely. She continued, “Instead of fabric, I’m obsessed with chain or diamond chokers right now. Anything mixed materials is fun, too! I love layering them on and piling as much cool jewelry on as I can. It’s a fun statement without being too much.”

So there you have it—Kendall Jenner has deemed metal chokers the 2017 version of the fabric choker, and we can definitely get on board with the prettier, more delicate take on the trend. Accordingly, keep scrolling to see proof of Jenner’s love for chain and diamond chokers and shop a few that we know you’ll love.

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