In this short documentary, VICE visits Banyumas, a regency in Central Java, Indonesia and learns about Lengger Lanang — an ancient drag queen tradition that disappeared because of the communist crackdown in the 1960s. The team behind the video follows a group of men who wants to embrace this part of history and brings Lengger Lanang to today’s Indonesia. The beauty and mysticism of Lengger Lanang showcases a precious part of the nation’s diversity that may uniquely finds its own way toward public acceptance, despite growing conservatism in the archipelago.

Swedish artist Alexander Unger takes stop-motion to another level by incorporating clay in his photo series.

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On October 17, the non-profit National Security Archive and the National Declassification Center in the United States published a batch of US diplomatic cables and revealing the extent of American involvement in the anti-communist purge in Indonesia in the 1960s. There is much to be said about what the US did or did not do then, but even more so the declassified documents offer another side of the story — one that is largely missing from the popular narrative of what truly happened during Soeharto’s “New Order” regime. This article from The Atlantic and a piece from the University of Melbourne provide an overview of the newly declassified files.

Dave Sandford is a photographer from Ontario, Canada, whose “Liquid Mountains” series captured the magnificence and free-spirit nature of moving water.

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