Keep Pretty Even At Home

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At ordinary times, girls pay much attention to dress up and use all kinds of tricks to make themselves pretty, but the good image will always be collapsed when the pajama party or boyfriend suddenly visits. If pick the proper pajamas, you can capture not only men’s heart, but also women’s admiration. Here are some pajamas we recommend for girls.

1. Asceno

The brand was founded in 2013. The designers are Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Leask. Both of them are very passionate about travel, so “relaxation, lightness and vividness” is the main theme of the brand.

Bold color and classic stripe elements are the hallmarks of their pajamas, inspired by the “leisure pirate spirit”.

The style is very simple, using the exquisite tailoring of the early 90s, to create a series of pajamas that are showing fashion through the details.

Each series has a matching eye mask to be accessories, very nice and exquisite. Because the quality is really amazing and cost-effective, each time on sale, they will be sold out.

The cotton pajamas are the simple style in the pajamas, but the touch is very comfortable. For girls who have a preference for cotton pajamas, you can not miss this one.

Wear a high-quality look outside with pajama, it is based on the high-quality sense of quality. Asceno silk style is very suitable for such dual use. Blogger Aimee Song loves to wear her pajamas to take photos.

Like Camille Charriere and Monica Ainley, it’s a great choice to split the whole set together with the sisters clothing and go for a walk.

Except for pajamas, each spring and summer series will also have a corresponding swimsuit. The style is simple and cute. The price is not very expensive.

To sum up, these pajamas are very suitable for Chic girl, the style of the whole brand gives a very simple, powerful, handsome and tough feeling.

2. Three Graces London

Founded in 2015, TGL is a special-interest pajama brand. The founder of the brand, Catherine Johnson, who co-founded Ted Baker’s former designer and designer Teija Eilola, created this brand.

The design style of the pajamas is based on the theme of elegant and intellectual. The color is very simple, and the styles are generally characterized by ruffles and blouse.

Because Catherine likes to collect antique home clothes, she is also very particular about the quality of own brand. Visiting Europe’s prestigious textile workshops, looking for superior hand-woven cotton, linen and silk, and striving to enhance women’s wearing experience and inner feelings with a thoughtful attitude, she tried her best.

High appearance level with high quality, it really broke the law of “good-looking pajamas are not easy to wear, good-to-wear pajamas are too old-fashioned”. It closely surrounds the brand’s slogan: To Dream Of. To Dream In.

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