Leather belts manufacturers tell you how many kinds of belts

The belt type changes with the fashion trend of a multitude of names, and a variety of styles of belt in innovation, is it really you Changba me play, choice of handsome beauty is more and more big, the leather belts manufacturers such as Jun Hong Fashion generally has the following types:

1 tight bond band

A chain belt is decorated with a series of chain ring, structure and some decorative, around the body, with the hook buckled on the waist, was popular in the late 1960s.

2, chain belt

The chain chain belt is made of metal or plastic belt, usually at the waist with hook buckle.

3, Macrame belt

Macrame belt by wire plaited. In general, multi strand wire knitting all kinds of flowers, and, as a natural belt and buckle, plus the tassel can beam node, but also in the top decorated with beads and sequins.

4, wide belts

Wide belt, also known as broadband, is a tight broadband. Generally made of metal, leather. Elastic bands and other materials made of a wide, snap Yu Zheng waist, 1950s and 70s are very popular.

5 Jeans Belt

The cowboy belt is a wide belt made of leather, embossed pattern belt, some copper nail decoration, with the original holster has been omitted. The belt is heavier, the front belt steel back hook, the other end is a copper buttonhole, was popular in 1970s.

6 judo belt

Judo belt is a long belt used in judo clothing, sometimes referred to as a “wide belt”, usually made of heavy texture of the fabric made of heavy. To distinguish between Judo players to level belt color: Black Belt represents the highest level of the middle level, brown belt, white belt represents for the novice players, in addition to other colors represent various levels.

7, India belt

India belt is India men and women wear a wide belt belt. General use of wide cloth, good knot after fold pleats. Female band made of soft fabric made of oil tank, beam in the skirt or coat. The wide men’s belt, fabric front strokes wrinkle, the rear is narrow, the number of ring winding at the waist in side or behind the knot.

8, and belt

Kimono for kimono worn at the waist, usually below the chest. A narrow thin belt on the wide belt on the belt in the rear lines into a variety of beautiful flowers, such as cherry, pine, peony, after the reform by the style of rough.

9, hip girdle

Hip belt is the hip line instead of beam on the beam on the waist, with a narrow width, with many decorations for blouses, mini dress clothing etc..

10 gallowses

Is to make the suspenders skirt and trousers slide from the shoulder down or fastened to crony belt, usually one of the back, cross or cross loop, 2–8cm wide, with woven fabric or lace fabric, leather making, men’s and children used for hanging trousers, ladies used for hanging skirts.

11, double belt

Double belt means the form of two belts side by side. Made of leather, some of the belt in the middle of the gap left, that decoration.

12 metal belt

Metal belt is to decorate as the main purpose, made of metal, and more for the trendy, avant-garde clothing.

13 beaded belt

Beaded belt is a belt on the belt leather or cloth studded with pearls sequins. Wide bead according to color or arranged in the shape of pattern, flashing dazzling in the light, for decorative purposes.

14, the chain

The chain is composed of single or multi-layer chain, mostly made of metal. The chain structure can also be used for hanging tassel beads, trendy fashion and theatrical performances, adornment sex is very strong.

15, belt buckle belt

Buckle buckle belt is the original Japanese women’s kimono decorative buckle, then gradually evolved into the decorations on the belt. In 2cm wide, 90cm long silk belt on the decorative 10cm long, 3cm wide decorative buckle, buckle material is mainly gold, silver, diamonds, jade, agate, pearls and other high-end accessories. In recent years, appeared in the gold chain belt buckle with new luxury gems.
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