“Let You Down”


Rapper NF, shot for Nathan Feuerstein, is and American Christian hip hop artist and songwriter. He has produced a lot of music describing the struggles he has faced in life and career. NF is blatantly honest in his song writing, stating that he doesn’t care if it makes others uncomfortable, this is his music and this is what he wants to say. In 2017 he released an album called Perception, his third album, it became and overnight success and toppling the charts.

Personally, I am a fan of the new artist and his raw, honesty in his music. I strongly agree with his openness not only through his music but also through his interactions with the press and on social media. One of my favorite songs on Perception is “Let You Down” because of the deep significance and meaning is carries.

“Let You Down” is a powerful song that talks about NF’s personal struggle in his relationship with his father. He talks about how he didn’t want to disappoint his dad; a topic he has never addressed before this song. I think this song became a smash hit because so many people, not just millennials, can relate to this song all around the world. Almost everyone is scared of disappointing their parent and letting them down. It speaks to a very real fear that plagues kids. I strongly like the way her portrays this fear in the lyrics. It also shows the struggle of being a child with parents divorced, this song shows NF’s difficult relationship with his father, who is divorced from his mother. Talking about how he just wanted someone to listen and understand him, just like every human being in this world. This lack of understanding lead to trust issues portrayed by NF. Trust issues are becoming ever more prevalent in America’s society. This song hits on more than just a strained relationship with one’s father, it shows the emotional damage it can bring to one.

“Yeah, I guess I’m a disappointment,
Doing everything I can, I don’t wanna make you disappointed”

Also, it is brilliant the way NF portrays the relationship in the music video. It shows NF drowning in a lake, suffocating in a car set on fire, and in his grave; while his father stands there and watches. His father makes no movements or attempts to save him, he watches his son die, symbolizing his lack of action to help save their dying relationship. The story line symbolizes how NF was trying to not drown, trying to not die in the car, but he ended up dying; NF tried to save the relationship. His father however, willingly let the relationship die. Also, the bleak, dreary weather helps portray the mood in the video.


Overall, I think NF wrote a very personal, real song that millions of people can relate to. He didn’t write it for anyone but himself and to help him just get it out. NF is a brilliant creator who I believe can only keep getting better and better, surprising us with individualistic things each time.

NF, director. NF-Let You Down . Youtube , 2017. Youtube , www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbHbTBP_u7U.


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