LGBTQ Beauty Brands to Support During Pride Month


As Pride Month festivities amp up around the country with vibrant parades, powerful marches, and fabulous merriment for all, what could be a better way to celebrate than by dousing ourselves in glitter and joining the cause?

This community has pioneered some of the most creative beauty trends to date, and now we can return the favor by supporting brands with proud LGBTQ roots. From queer founders to labels that debut special-edition Pride products, these brands prove that love is the true way forward.

STYLECASTER | LGBT Beauty Brands | Volition



Crowdsourced skin-care brand Volition was cofounded by a proud member of the LGBT community, Brandy Hoffman. “Pride is important to me so I can celebrate everyone who made my struggle a little easier,” she says. “And also, the innovative new ways we incorporate rainbows in/on everything.” The brand’s latest launch, Snow Mushroom Water Serum, brightens and hydrates skin while boosting collagen production.  

Snow Mushroom Water Serum, $62 at Sephora

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup

Milk Makeup’s limited-edition Pride Pack features two brand-new products to honor Pride: Glitter Lip Gloss in Techno, which swipes on in an incredible silver hue with plenty of sparkle; and a black Equality Stamp Tattoo, an inky black pen embossed with the equality symbol so you can wear your support loud and proud.

Limited Edition Pride Pack, $28 at Milk Makeup

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | NOTO botanics

NOTO Botanics

NOTO Botanics

Celebrity makeup artist Gloria Noto (a longtime favorite of Shailene Woodley) has made a name for herself by bucking traditional beauty standards, but it’s her vegan line of all-natural unisex serums, oils, mists, and highlighters that really have people talking. Her hero product, the Hydra Highlighter, is made of organic oils, coconut, and shea butter, with dashes of mica for shimmer and lavender to soothe.

Hydra Highlighter, $24.50 at NOTO Botanics

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | Sappho


Sappho New Paradigm

Founded by the makeup artist of “The L Word,” JoAnn Fowler, Sappho’s wide range of cruelty-free makeup was designed with inclusivity in mind. While most of Fowler’s hues stick to a neutral palette, this bright blue eyeshadow in Tanya is Pride-perfect.

Tanya Eyeshadow, $20.99 at Sappho

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | Lemonhead



For Pride 2018, Lemonhead Los Angeles revamped its cult classic Spacejam Luxe Glitter Balm in Reigning Men to include more purple and blue pigments, and blended in glitter of every size and shape. To say that you can see a swath of this from outer space would be an understatement. Bonus: $5 of every jar sold will be donated to GLAAD.

Reigning Men SpaceJam, $28 at Lemonhead

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | Harry's



Men’s shave delivery service Harry’s is offering an entire shave set designed by artists Craig & Karl, complete with a razor in bright chrome colors, three extra cartridges, and a foaming shave gel, and 100 percent of the profits are donated to various LGBTQ causes.

Shave with Pride Set, $25 at Harry’s

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | Jade Fox Co.

Jade Fox Co.

Jade and Fox

Formerly BeeLux Goods, this indie beauty brand’s packaging is gorgeous and often brimming with colorful flowers. All products are made with food-grade ingredients, from soothing stalwarts like avocado and sunflower oils to more inventive ingredients such as willow bark and pineapple to ensure skin is balanced, nourished, and above all, healthy. The brand’s best-selling Vixen Body Oil contains an all-natural SPF, packed with hydrating ingredients, and best of all, it’s topped off with an intoxicating scent that lingers all day long.

Vixen Body Oil, $15 at Jade Fox Co.




Designed specifically with the transgender community in mind, founder Jessica Blackler’s first product launch was the powerhouse full-coverage concealer Correct & Conceal Palette to mask not only blemishes, but five o’clock shadows, heavy under-eye discoloration, and more. Her brand continues to expand the concealer’s shade range, while promoting inclusivity and uniqueness. To Blackler, celebrating the LGBTQ community is a year-round endeavor, and 5 percent of all profits are donated to the charity Supporting Stonewall.

Correct & Conceal Palette, $22.27 at Jecca Makeup

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | Taya Beauty

Taya Beauty

Taya Beauty

Founded by the world’s first openly lesbian Latina supermodel, Patricia Velasquez, Taya emphasizes mind-body-spirit wellness by sourcing healing and restorative super-botanicals from the Amazon rainforest. After studying indigenous Amazonian cultures and their all-natural remedies, Velasquez brings ancient solutions to modern consumers with the brand. All botanicals have been environmentally harvested, and local communities benefit directly from the sale of their crops.

Amazon White Clay Advanced Blend Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, $39 at Taya Beauty

STYLECASTER | LGBT Brands | Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face

Hippies and devoted longtime partners Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz began Kiss My Face with one type of olive oil bar soap. They packed up their Volkswagen and made the trek from their 200-acre farm in the Hudson Valley to NYC to join the burgeoning green beauty industry. More than 35 years later, the romance is still going strong, and so is their business, with the inclusion of hair care, sun protection, and a kid’s line, among many other product lines.

Olive Oil Bar Soap, $8/4-pack at Amazon

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