The dresses can be worn 365 days a year. In fall and winter, short dresses are accented with pretty colored tights and a pair of boots. Long dresses, especially if they are split, are perfect with high boots. A mini dress can turn into a pretty tunic, together with leggings, and a small and short fitted jacket. For the neckline, it dares all. Dipping or otherwise polo, rolled neckline or collar in the back, the dresses are available in an infinite number of cuts. Another plus: is superimposed. If you choose a short-sleeved dress in winter, no problem. Add a pretty lace and loose sweater, blouse or near the body to wear underneath.

When it comes to dresses, we have to talk about tunic dress — a must-have suitable for all ages.

Tunic dress goes to everyone. All body types are welcome. Pocket, square shoulders , potbelly, wide hips or follower of fashion round there is only one thing to remember: the tunic you go! Moreover it is a must to dress when one is round. Twigs, the tunic will give more volume. When choosing tunic dress, one thing you must consider: your look. In other words, think about the style you want to adopt.

According to the survey of our customers, there are some tips about wearing a tunic dress. The most important thing is not to make fashion faux pas. So the bulk of the work is how to marry tunic with the look, the rest of clothes and accessories. Therefore accompanies tunic with a few key elements.

With leggings or tights

In this case it must be very wide tunics that can be belting or leave wide.

With pants

Generally, dare color contrasts to avoid the gloom and promote the pants without details: no beads, no multi-pockets, etc …

With a leather jacket

For a small side fashion, the leather jacket is top. Whatever the neck, we love short to leave gently exceed our beloved tunic.

With a suit jacket
For an amazing mix but successful genres. Note that you have this jacket is a tendency, that is to say a little wide, long, possibly with the sleeves rolled up.
Now, we would like to recommend some stylish linen tunics for you.

Clothes: Asymmetric Linen Long Sleeve Tunic Dress
SKU: LininD179

Clothes: Linen Tassel-Embellished Tunic Dress
SKU: LininD176

Clothes: Linen Split Collar Tunic Dress
SKU: LininD161