Hey guys!

So, if you’ve ever watched a makeup tutorial, or been inside of a Sephora, or Ulta, or just purchased makeup in general (I’m thinking all of you have), you know there are so many choices, it can be kind of overwhelming, or a lot overwhelming. AND, if you’re anything like me, you don’t want to spend ALL of your money on makeup. Literally a trip to Sephora for just the necessities can run you upwards of $300! I’m not so into that, maybe you are, but if you’re not keep reading!

I’m no makeup expert, but I have tried MANY different kinds of makeup, and one thing that I wanted to share was a couple tricks to cut corners on those must-have makeup runs. There is obviously really EXPENSIVE makeup, and then there is really COST EFFECTIVE makeup. I don’t want to say cheap, because when I think cheap, I think poor quality. Good news for us is…a lot of the inexpensive makeup is not poor quality.

In an attempt to not bore you guys to death, I just made a list of some good substitutions for some of the more expensive brands that are so popular.

Products are not exact substitutes, just examples of products I enjoy

1) Foundation: I love me some Tarte Amazonian clay foundation because I have severely oily skin, but you know what’s also great? Maybelline: Fit Me Matte+ Poreless Foundation.

Maybelline: $5.99 Tarte:$39.00

2) Translucent Powder: Of course Laura Mercier translucent powder is wonderful, and something that EVERYONE recommends, but I also love Maybelline: Master Fix Setting+ Perfecting Powder. Again, it’s not the SAME, but great for the affect that you’re looking for.

Maybelline: $8.99 Laura Mercier: $38.00

3) Bronzer: Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer comes in a heart shaped box and it’s amazing, I’m currently using it, and it’s great. It’s also lasts FOREVER, I’m going on year 2 without having to replace it, so I guess that makes the price a little easier to swallow. When I don’t want to spend so much on a bronzer, I turn to Milani Baked Bronzer, because it’s pretty inexpensive, and it gets the job DONE.

Milani Baked Bronzer: $7.99 Too Faced Sweethearts Bronzer: $30.00

4) Mascara: I have tried MANY types of mascara, and I had a friend tell me once that ALL mascara is made in the same place, they all just have different packages, okay…BULLSHIT, every mascara is DIFFERENT, and I know that for a fact. My absolute FAVORITE mascara is Buxom Lash mascara. I love the way it goes on, I love the way it comes off; I don’t love that it costs $20.00. For the last year I’ve been using Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, and I love it. It gives me the full fan effect (Like it says it does), and I love that it comes off super easy.

Maybelline Lash Sensational: $7.00 Buxom Lash mascara: $20.00

5) Concealer: I currently use, Nars, and I like it just like anyone else who uses it, I however DON’T really see what all the hype is about, I’ve used several other concealers, and I honestly think they all work just the same (as long as you’re using the right tone).

NYX Concealer Wand: $4.99 NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: $30.00

EYESHADOW: This is the number 1 thing I think out of all makeup where YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. Honestly, if you’re going to spend a bunch of money on product, spend it on eyeshadow, because cheap eyeshadow is almost always poor quality eyeshadow. Either it doesn’t have good pigment, or a ton of fall through, just don’t waste money on shitty eyeshadow, PLEASE.

EYEBROW PENCILS: I have searched far and wide for the perfect eyebrow pencil/pomade/powder…I have tried it all, because I DO NOT have good eyebrows, like they’re almost nonexistent. I have tried Anastasia, Benefit Brow, Makeup Forever, etc. I found my true love in eyebrow pencil form with Skin Brow Wand. It’s absolutely amazing.

SIDE NOTE: I just wanted to comment one the comparison being made between ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics lip kits. First of all, I understand the ingredients are VERY similar, but they aren’t the same. Second of all, if you’re looking for a MATTE lip, ColourPop products are absolute garbage. They peel all weird, they’re super dry, whereas with Kylie’s you can still rub your lips together without losing some of the product. My advice would be to not even waste the $5.00 on the ColourPop lip products, unless it’s liner, or a gloss.

Thanks for reading guys, and I hope I was able to help! Peace, love and Makeup!