Malia Obama Wears These Boots to Her Internship Every Day

Earlier this month, Malia Obama reported for duty at the first day of her internship in New York City where she’s working with film producer Harvey Weinstein. For the occasion, she wore a shearling coat, crop top, high-waisted jeans, and a pair of lace-up Caterpillar boots. Now that’s she’s three weeks into her new gig, we’ve noticed a trend with her work outfits: She’s been wearing the same boots nearly every single day.

So far, she’s styled her Caterpillar boots with oversize parkas, a shearling jacket, and a hoodie-and-skirt combo. But there’s one common element to all her outfits: She always wears long, colorful socks that peek out from the top of her boots. Are you taking style notes yet?

Read on for four ways Malia Obama has styled her Caterpillar boots for her internship, and keep scrolling to shop similar pairs.

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