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Malin Akerman may play the put-together wife of a high-powered hedge fund manager on the Showtime drama, “Billions,” but in real life, it takes a lot of effort to prepare her for the camera—and she’s not afraid to admit it. “I’m constantly being picked at with makeup and my hair is always being pulled at in the hair and makeup chair,” Akerman says.

After years of being “picked” and “pulled” at on sets, Akerman noticed a toll on her hair and skin. To give her an extra boost and counteract the damage of frequent hair and makeup, Akerman began using Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions’ Extra Strength Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies, and has sworn by the antioxidant-packed vitamins ever since.

Of course, Akerman’s obsession with skin and hair-enhancing vitamins isn’t the only beauty secret she has up her sleeve. To learn more about how Akerman maintains a healthy lifestyle (despite her addiction to chocolate and Nutella by the spoon), we caught up with her, where she dished on her healthy meal hacks and her surprising workout playlist. Find out more, ahead.

Malin Akerman

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For breakfast I had: An egg omelette with avocado.

For lunch I had: This amazing vegetarian burger made from pea protein. It’s from a company called Beyond Meat. I fried that up with some vegan cheese and put it in a romaine lettuce wrap with broccoli sprouts, Vegenaise, sauerkraut, and avocado.

Today I snacked on: I’m a big chocolate fan, but obviously, I can’t just eat chocolate whenever I want all day long. My favorite is to go for a chocolate protein shake. That way I feel like I’m getting my protein in, but really just getting rid of my sweet cravings. Maybe a little healthier version. I also love apples dipped in almond butter.

My go-to healthy drink is: Coconut water or Kombucha. Good probiotics. Feels good. Tastes good, too.

My favorite workout is: I’ve just gotten into pilates lately and I’m loving it. It feels like I’m working muscles that I didn’t even know existed. I feel like I’m getting a real full-body workout and working every muscle in my body.

My favorite guilty pleasure food is: There’s two that I can’t say no to if they’re in front of me. One is french fries and the other is Nutella. Eating a jug of Nutella with a spoon is one of my favorite things.

The one thing that always gets me motivated to workout is: A lot of times it’s music. If I put on my headphones and put on a really good song, it’ll help me get up and get ready. As soon as you start, the way that you feel after a workout is essentially what ends up motivating you. Once I’ve gotten myself through that workout one time, then I know how it feels and my body starts to want it more.

The top songs on my workout playlist right now are: My workout songs tend to be anything from Metallica and Guns N’ Roses to Rihanna. “Jump” is a great one to workout to. Depending on what mood I’m in, it’ll either be rock ‘n roll or it’ll be pop music.

My favorite healthy restaurant is: Here in New York, it’s abcV. I’ve never thought that vegetarian food could be so great. I’m on a bit of a vegetarian kick. I still eat fish and certain meats, but that’s a really healthy one and it’s so delicious.

The three ingredients you’ll alway find in my kitchen are: Chocolate. Avocado. Berries or fruits, like apples or strawberries.

My biggest health tip for travelers is: Be prepared and the night before, go and buy some healthy snacks. I feel like when we’re on the go, you just grab whatever is in front of you and most of the time, they’re not healthy choices. So I think getting prepared the night before and making yourself some healthy snacks is the best way to do it.

My signature healthy dish is: I have a Vitamix blender, which I’m obsessed with because you can make anything—I feel like you can make a bed out of that thing. I do a lot of soups. I boil lots of vegetables. I put everything into a pot with some bone broth or some vegetable broth and blend it all up. That’s the best way to get my son to eat all different kinds of vegetables as well. We get so many different nutrients and vitamins in that.

The best part of my job is: I can’t pick a best part! I get to play everyday. I get to pretend to be someone else. I feel like I’m a big kid. I get to go work and play everyday.

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