Nail polish was so 2018. These are the nail innovations consumers are embracing in 2019.

OPI is among the top 3 brands leading the dip powder trend, according to consumers.

Consumers first began to show growing interest in Dip Powder at the end of 2016. Since then it grew exponentially as a rising star, but recently began to show summer seasonality (typical of a nail trend) in 2018. The trend is predicted to continue showing +67% growth in consumer demand in the next 12 months.

While there is some DIY interest, consumers are mainly seeking dip powder at nail salons. Although they’re ready to purchase, consumers are asking questions such as “how to remove” and “what is dip powder”? There’s still room for new brands to own this space — as just three key players are currently top of mind brands: Kiara Sky, OPI, and Kiss.

Dip Powder isn’t the only trending nail innovation. Along with plenty of creativity in colors and styles, nail wraps such as Incoco nail wraps are also taking off.

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