Never worry about picking out your clothes in the morning ever again!

In my IA group we recently read 2 articles about decision making energy and functionality that highlighted 2 brilliant people: Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg, for their clothing habits. The secret is that they dress the same every day in order to avoid clothing decisions and be more capable of making better decisions about what matters.

This led to a discusion in class about dressing the same; some of my classmates commented that they liked to dress well every day and that they also liked variation. This made me question myself if there was a way to stop having to decide what to wear everyday and still don’t dress the same everyday.

I came up with a solution for this thinking broader than just about clothes and only choosing one style forever to avoid decision-making fatigue.

We live in a time where our cellphones are an extension of our hands, and we use them from the time we wake up until we go to sleep; we use them all day. We are also capable of downloading millions of applications to our phone, so I downloaded Random number generator.

I implemented this to my clothing selection habit by assigning a number to the clothes that I use the most everyday. *You don’t have to number every piece of clothing you own, but we all have some clothes that we use the most in our normal days.

The only thing that is needed to do is to buy plane small stickers and assign a number for the combinations that are used and number them:

For example, with the Random UX application it is possible to get any number from 1 to 11. And if you are afraid of repeating a number, don’t worry, there is a function for that too.

The idea is that when you have to get dressed you just use the app to get a number and just put on the clothes selected without having to decide to wear them.

The key to turning this into an effortless habit is to set an alarm 2 minutes after you wake up. This will help you remember to use the application instead of forgetting and thinking about clothes. After some time, our brains will know which number represents each piece of clothing.

If you want the decision making of Barack Obama without his repetitive style, than try my innovative dressing technique.