Screenshots from top left: Campo Santo, Trudi Castle, Orsi Spanyol, Gurmukh Bhasin

As the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp, as you don your favorite cardigan while sipping a pumpkin spiced lat…alright alright, we’re done with the fall clichés. But it’s true that this incredibly festive season has arrived, and with it the Cartrdge October challenge!** **

This is the beginning of monthly challenges on the site, and we wanted to kick things off by celebrating this awesome time of year. And so we present you with this autumnal theme: Space in the Fall!

As the name suggests, you’ll be imagining what fall might be like in space, and using that to design a part of a level. Let your imaginations run wild on this one; it could mean designing “fall-looking” spaceships, thinking about what the season would be like on another planet, or what the void itself might be like if it experienced seasons. Feel free to use whatever art style you’d like, and to team up with as many people as you want.

A quick note; moving forward, the first place winner of each monthly contest will have their entry featured on our home-page banner!


For monthly challenges, judging will be determined via community vote

1st Place

  • Entry featured on our home page banner for the whole month of November
  • Gold Cartrdge t-shirt (one for each teammate)
  • 1 year Cartrdge Pro (for each teammate)
  • Cartrdge stickers
  • Winners badge on your profile

2nd Place

  • Silver Cartrdge t-shirt
  • 6 months Cartrdge Pro
  • Cartrdge stickers
  • Second place badge on your profile

3rd Place

  • Bronze Cartrdge t-shirt
  • 3 months Cartrdge Pro
  • Cartrdge stickers
  • Third place badge on your profile


  • Dates: October 4th to October 26th at 11:59pm EST
  • Are teams allowed? Yes, feel free to team up with as many people as you’d like
  • Each submission must be original work by you/your team, and we ask that it be made specifically for the contest

Submission Guidelines

  • Final entries will be via an image post, showing your interpretation of a level in a video game while incorporating this months theme. We know that a level can be anything, so just use your imagination and come up with something cool; a shot of a sidescroller, an isometric or over-the-shoulder view if you’re using a more three-dimensional style, top down — it’s totally up to you. The contest will be community judged, so we imagine the most important criteria will be coolness 😉
  • You’ll need to submit two WIP posts, and a final entry. If you’re on a team of two or more, each member will need to post only one WIP. All posts from you or your team will need to be collected in a project page.
  • Tag your final entry: SpaceintheFallFinal
  • Tag all WIP posts: SpaceintheFallWIP
  • Tag the project page: SpaceintheFallProject


  • We created a channel in the Cartrdge Slack where participants can get together and chat. Request an invite to the room here if you’re not already a member!
  • Social media hashtag: #SpaceintheFall
  • Useful blog posts: creating a project & a how-to guide for collaborations