Our Tips on How to Rock the Sneakers Trend in Style

Without a doubt, sneakers are footwear designed for all purposes. You can find them in a wide range of styles, designs and colours but no matter what kind of sneakers you settle on, there are a few important aspects about how to wear this type of footwear. First of all, when buying sneakers consider ones that suit your wardrobe. It is nonsense to buy the latest model of some brand if the model itself does not suit your style. Also, make sure you wear your new pair of sneakers on the right occasions. They are amazingly versatile but still, they cannot replace the dress shoes. Aspect number three — always keep your shoes clean. No matter how cool your sneakers are, if you do not clean them regularly all the effect will be lost so make sure you do proper sneaker maintenance.

As we mention above, sneakers come in a vast array of styles so with so many options available it can be tricky which pair to chose and how to wear them properly. Here is how to pair the different sneaker models with your wardrobe.

Basic Classics

The basic classics are the most versatile casual street sneakers you can find and buy. They work great with jeans, shorts and chinos of any colour and shade. Keep in mind, these sneakers do not work for every occasion, instead, use them for casual situations only. If you want to rock this sneakers trend then opt for a print t-shirt, gingham shirts or you can even wear a blazer and achieve college professor look. Mix them with relaxed slim jeans, wear them for casual occasions only and ensure you always keep them clean.

Classic Sports Sneakers

Classic sports sneakers are street-going kicks that are popping with colours. Find casual street sneakers that complement your current style and buy a few pairs in various colours. Loose t-shirt with or without print, slim-fit jeans and casual outwear is all you need to rock this style of sneakers. For the hot summer days pair them with chino shorts and you have your win combination. So find a few models that suit your wardrobe and stick to them. Colour match if you can.

Refined Luxury Sneakers

Refined luxury sneakers can be worn with slim denim, tailored trousers, casual unstructured suiting and chinos. Compared to the basic sneakers these are a little bit bulky so they do not go well with shorts. Smart shirts, polos and basic t-shirts are great outfit choice if you look for something to wear these sneakers but you want to look great. If you want to achieve more drastic look then go for slim denim, shirt with a knit or slim tie and a blazer. For start, you can go with a pair of black sneakers and then go for other colours. Keep brighter ones for summer days.

High-fashion Designer Sneakers

High-fashion designer sneakers are expensive but with every new season, they are becoming more and more popular. If you want to wear these sneakers on your best then pair them with slim jeans and t-shirt with an open plaid shirt. For more eye-catchy look you can wear them with long blazers. Black jeans are a must-own piece of wardrobe along with the fit t-shirts. Keep to white, black and mute colours and always pair your high fashion sneakers with denim.