PERSONAL: Classics Never Die


As you may have figured out, I’m all about maximum comfort & style with minimal effort. To me there is no greater fashion faux pas than wearing something you’re truly not comfortable in, you know that too tight dress, the jeans you can’t bend over in, shoes that kill your feet within the first few minutes and styles that just aren’t you. There’s a reason that certain pieces have been given the “Classic” title, and thats because they don’t go out of style & also look fabulous whenever/wherever you wear them. They can have modern detailing or cuts but in general they are pieces that stand the test of time. For me, a white button-up shirt & oversized dark as hell sunglasses will never fail you. These style staples have been seen on movie stars, working women, and the average girl for decades now, and they ain’t going anywhere soon.

I have an obsession with white shirts, I own them in all sorts of fabrics, cuts & styles from the super classic to the grungier, cooler versions. This Abercrombie & Fitch white shirt is one of my go to pieces almost every week, and thats because its been given a cool, on trend makeover by shortening the length, giving it an “anti-fit” or loose cut, and of course by adding oversized, slouchy pockets to the front. The fabric is ultra soft and feels great on the skin, and I wear this shirt with everything from jeans & pants, to shorts, skirts and even on top of a bathing suit as a cover up on the beach. In this look I’ve paired it with a pair of soft, printed pants in a thin cotton fabric for the perfect casual day look, while still staying cool and covered.