Desolation by Yeo Kaa

Acrylic on Canvas (2017)

This is my intepretation from his work.

Desolation is associated with the words: emptiness, abandoned, misery and loneliness.

It is in the nature of the human being to interact with other people; to communicate and live with them. Spending the day with other people at work, school, vacation etc., and going home to our families. However, for some they come home to an empty house that can result for a person to feel a sense of desolation.

Living alone has its perks, believe me.. But perhaps the most saddest drawback is sometimes feeling lonely. As I start my day, I go to school where I spend my time learning and enjoying the companionship of my friends. However, as the end of the day, i walk home alone, greeted by the darkness and quietness of my place. The feeling of desolation and haunted by our own demons (violence, anxieties etc) are a scary thing to feel when you are alone, but the thing is you have to know how to control yourself.

At the same time, In my own little world, I can be anything that I want to be or do anything I want to do where no one would constatly judge you for your actions. Solitude is a beautiful thing, as it can create the most beautiful thing. Being alone sparks creative ideas in our mind that produce beautiful things. In my free days from school, I usually spend the time in my place learning videography and reading. I enjoy it a lot and with this I start creating works that I thought in the first place I would not know how.