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Teen Vogue X Parsons Online Fashion Cert

One of the most frustrating things for me is trying on clothes in a dressing room! I love shopping more than anything but rather take things home to try on because it creates less… Immediate disappointed. I went to one of my favorite stores to try on some black skirts I needed. I wanted to get a few that I could wear with any outfit for a chic going out look. I have a booty so I go up a size in skirts so they fit my waist and butt and not just one more than the other. I tried on many BUT purchased two, both the same size but they fit differently. One is made of a ‘pleather’ material with a soft inner lining so it fits more snug and is less stretchy than the other skirt. The second skirt fits way more loose and has a different waist band (with no button unlike the other). I feel like the first skirt, having a button clasp, makes it more form fitted even though both the skirts are the same size. This could be frustrating for people who have more of a booty than I do because they will have to pull it even higher up to button. At the end of the day, I really believe that clothing size does not always matter. If it looks good and fits good then GO FOR IT!


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