Ray Angry of The Roots has Released “One” -Heck of an Album

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Ray Angry (Mister Goldfinger) is one of the most sought-after musicians that the world can offer. Any young musician that wants to be great knows who Mr. Angry is and studies his every move. He has worked with and produced for Miguel, Mark Ronson, Sting, Rihanna, Mick Jagger, etc. Set all of his other accomplishments to the side; he is also an ongoing member of the 3x Grammy winning & 14x nominated band known as The Roots.

Ray was trained classically in gospel and jazz while always having his finger on the pulse of pop music. Anything he touches benefits from having him involved. You can find his fingerprints ranging from projects on TV to film to those of the highest regarded musicians. With his eyes now set on his own voice as an artist, Mister Goldfinger has produced a body of work that is truly an experience.

You’ll Like If You Enjoy:

My Take

Right off the bat with the first track “Nebula” I realized this is not your typical jazz record. This is more of a cinematic, epic, out of body experience. Not only do you have to strap in for this record, but you are left in awe with how he is even able to make a piano do all that. This project is leaps and bounds above what I expected…and I expected a lot.

“1,2,3,4” and then boom, mind blown. I was immediately imagining what life would be like back in the day if I was in the mob walking the streets of New York. “Musique Mecanique III” hit all the right feels for me. I think music should do more than make noise for roughly 3–5 minutes. It should tell a story, make you laugh, cry, pissed off and right back to being joyful. That’s what One does for me and if you are into jazz even the slightest bit, this is worth a listen.

Favorite Tracks

“Nebula” — The intro to something truly beautiful and out of this world.

“Musique Mecanique III” — This is what confidence sounds like.

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