A photo story about The Biggest Little Fashion Truck

Britton McKain Murdock, owner and creator of Reno’s first mobile fashion truck, The Biggest Little Fashion Truck. Murdock purchased the truck in June 2016.
Murdock shops for clothing from the Los Angeles area and brings it back to Reno. She likes to keep all her styles on trend with the season. Everyone can find something from the fashion truck, whether it be a necklace or an entire outfit. Murdock has a mixture of basic staple pieces, and also unique boutique looking clothing.
The beauty of a fashion truck event is that they are all different. Each location is different, the clientele is different and the inventory is different. Murdock sets up in all different venues; houses, front yards, inside homes, outside restaurants.
Fashion truck’s are huge in big cities like Los Angeles and New York. Murdock said that when she was researching the retail businesses, she immediately knew that the fashion truck would be her stepping-stone to one day owning her own store.
Inventory for the fashion truck is always changing and there is a wide variety of clothing and accessories to chose from. Dusty Pink is Murdock’s hottest color along with yellow. Velvet, metallic, and over the knee boots are also top sellers at The Biggest Little Fashion Truck, along with chokers, beaded bracelets, and beanies with poms.
In the summer the truck will park in a driveway or street or wherever is available. Murdock will open the doors and make an outdoor boutique full of racks, tables with accessories, as well as shopping inside the truck. It is a unique and fun experience.
One of Britton’s mottos, that she tries to embody, is to work hard and stay humble.

“This is an opportune time to be in the Biggest Little City. We are growing and booming, there is an energy in the city that you can feel,” Murdock said.