One of the most pervasive criticisms of fast fashion is that much of it is produced to the detriment of the environment, and under labor practices that are, in some cases, unfair and ethically questionable. With the world watching, both H&M and Zara have started rolling out sustainable collections, and as of today, Mango is doing the same.

Dubbed Committed, the 45-piece collection is comprised of men’s and women’s looks, all made from organic and recycled fabrics and dyed with environmentally-safe inks. Minimalist in construction neutral in color, the designs include oversized blouses, palazzo pants, and cropped jeans. Prices range from $25.99 for a soft cotton T-Shirt to $149.99 for a waistcoat, and the pieces are available both in store and online. Shop the full range below!

Flowy Modal Dress, $99.99; at Mango 

Oversized Cord Blouse, $69.99; at Mango

Tencel Top, $35.99; at Mango

Belt Cotton-blend Pants, $69.99; at Mango

Double-breasted Ramie Blazer, $119.99; at Mango

Ramie-blend Suit Trousers, $69.99; at Mango

Tencel Baggy Trousers, $69.99; at Mango

Cotton Bucket Bag, $45.99; at Mango

Organic Cotton Sweatshirt, $45.99; at Mango

Cropped Cotton-blend Sweater, $49.99; at Mango

Organic Cotton T-Shirt, $25.99; at Mango

Interwoven Cord Skirt, $59.99; at Mango

Side-pocket Cotton Waistcoat, $149.99; at Mango

Asymmetric Textured Sweater, $49.99; at Mango

Linen-blend Mini Dress, $99.99; at Mango

Organic Cotton Blouse, $59.99; at Mango

Organic Cotton Shirt, $59.99; at Mango

Ruched Waist Trousers, $69.99; at Mango

Committed Relaxed Jeans, $69.99; at Mango

High-waist Palazzo Trousers, $69.99; at Mango

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