Shopping is always a good idea! When in India, it becomes great.


Shopping is always a good idea! When in India, it becomes great.

India is filled with amazing places to see, delicious food to eat and great things to buy. The street markets of India makes one experience the colours, mix of textures, and the sheer vibe of the bazaars that makes a traveller see another vibrant side of India and gives an amazing shopping experience.

Why spend a day at a mall, when you can walk around browsing tons of trendy clothing, eat a delicious treat from the street vendors, feel like a local and experience the real India.

The street markets of India are a shopping paradise, with everything from designer clothing to casual fashion, jewellery, art, antiques, handicrafts and bags. There is no limit to the variety of treasure one can find at the different street markets scattered across the country.

Here are some of the best street markets for you to check out on your trip to India!


One stop solution for all your shopping needs, Colaba Causeway is one of the busiest shopping streets of Mumbai. Colaba Causeway has been known for a long time for its cheap and thrifty offerings. This market will surely make you whet your bargaining skills.


The stories of all stylish merchandise acquired at this street market in Delhi aren’t just propagated, you just need to know where to go and you will definitely head back home with bags full of treasure. Here you can buy jewellery, shoes, clothes and amazing street food. If you want to adorn your head to toe in chic, a visit to this market is a must.


If you are in love with hippie culture and casual fashion, this is the place for you to be. Kolkata’s Sudder Street is lined with shops selling kurtas, harem pants, jholas and kohlapuri chappals. Over the years, this street has grown into a reliable flea market and a neighbourhood full of cheap and good restaurants.


Johari bazaar in Jaipur is a world famous bazaar for jewellery. The Johari bazaar is the one stop destination for travellers looking for some amazing jewellery. It is full of vendors, silversmiths who trade silver, diamond, gold, precious and semi-precious stone and pearls. This grand bazaar allows one to interact with the sellers and to come away with souvenirs that truly tell a story.


Adding to the already fabulous ambience of Goa, the attractions of this bazaar like live music, drinks, culinary feasts and colourful shops makes browsing through the bazaars an amazing experience. The market offers an exciting mix of shopping experience ranging from foodstuff, herbs and spices to handicrafts, bags, accessories, rugs and carpets.


Take a trip to Delhi’s Tibetan market if you want to buy Tibetan rugs and carpets, padded jackets, mufflers as well as quality Tibetan accessories like bags and jewellery . Apart from these you may also like to buy jams, squashes, pickles and sauces as they are the best buy here.


If you love antiques this one is your place to hangout. Lined with antique shops on both sides this market offers a wide variety of handicrafts, kohlapuris and paintings. Jew Town will definitely add a zing to your visit to Kerela. The amazing eating joints of this market place makes it one of the best places to explore in Kochi.


Probably one of the most interesting markets, this bazaar is located just 100m away from the sea in Pondicherry. The market is an open air handicrafts market beneath the palm shades. Most of the products come from the shops and boutiques of Pondicherry and Auroville. This market has everything from clothes,shoes, bags, keyrings to beach products.

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