SilkRoll Takes on Fashion: Inspiring Partners to Impact Lives

We created SilkRoll to start a smart shopping movement. Every time you trade fashion with us over buying something new, it’s a big deal. According to Forbes magazine, the fashion industry now accounts for 10% of global emissions, and is the second largest industrial polluter in the world.

SilkRoll is our gift to you and the people on this planet, we are committed to eliminating textile and chemical waste by adopting our Smart Recycling technique. Our mission is to work with sustainable designers and strategic non-profit partners to build awareness in sustainable fashion and creating a future that’s clean and pollution free for our next generations.

SilkRoll Founders with the first batch of Sustainable Fashion Mentees

We are delighted to feature Bright Futures as one of our exclusive non-profit partners for 2016. In collaboration, we are developing a “Fund through Fashion” mentorship program, where young women apply to become a mentee and receive training and development using these garments in the areas of creativity, commercial awareness, and environmental awareness. The learning that takes place under the program includes:

1. Design, cut, stitch and sew using textile repurposing techniques.

2. Create a business and generate income from the fashion they receive, using either redesign and sell, resale, or rental.

3. Create awareness campaigns through digital media about the existing fashion supply chain and how it’s impacting the planet.

As members of SilkRoll, you can be assured even the clothes that don’t appear on our site will end in a good place!

Join SilkRoll and shop sustainably.

Girls picking their favorites outfits at SilkRoll’s “Fund Through Fashion” back to school campaign