The market of belt fish, not carefully identified the pseudoderm when leather, leather belt and PU belt is cost too much, it is not serious. How do you identify the leather belt is the leather the following leather belts manufacturers tell you usually we see the belt has two forms.

1, single belt

Made of a layer of leather, take down the cross section of the belt buckle can be seen, such belts as long as the price is not low, usually leather products. In addition, it can be identified by testing methods. After the leather belt orceully bend, fold is not obvious, and in a short time can be restored, and imitation leather is not the effect, poor or even damaged.

2, two or more layers of belt

This belt is composed of 2 layers or 3 layers of leather stitched section can be observed under the belt buckle that this belt is most likely to be the manufacturer as a fake, the usual practice is to use a layer of the 3 layer and a layer of leather, and some even sponge filling. The test method and the single belt is similar, but also in the section with a nail color to peeling belt surface, if it can be peeled off, that is like leather.

The belt material color and pattern, various kinds of belt due to the processing of different tanning process, and presents a variety of style. Pigskin and sheepskin by peeling off after stratification, more soft leather; a body stiff feeling; crocodile is high grade selection. Embossed on the belt and texture effect, make it more attractive and characteristic. Men are usually dress belt should be black, and must be sealed. Brown belt can rarely be decent dress collocation.
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