Winter is coming with the Season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones” this weekend, but Sophie Turner is undoubtedly heating things with her new freshly-dyed fiery red locks. After months as a bombshell blonde (her natural color, mind you), the 21-year-old is back to being a ginger—though it’s a shade that “GoT” fans might not recognize.

If you’ve been following Turner around Westeros as Sansa Stark in the hit HBO series, you’ll come to know (and adore) the actress as the older Stark sister, who can rock a killer fishtail braid and vibrant red locks. But instead of the bright red that’s become iconic with the Stark heir, Turner—who debuted her new color at the “Game of Thrones” premiere on Wednesday—seemed to be sporting a deeper shade.

As Turner made her way down the red carper—wearing a super sparkly mini dress, we might add—fans couldn’t help but notice that Turner’s red locks looked a little darker than usual. (Just a smidge though.) That might be because Turner isn’t getting ready to return to Westeros, but in fact, she’s gearing up to star as Jean Grey (the redheaded telekinetic X-Men icon) in the superhero franchise’s next film, “X Men: Dark Phoenix,” out in 2018.

Sophie Turner Hair

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sophie turner game of thrones premiere 2017 Sophie Turner Is Back to Red Hair, Though Its Not the Shade Youll Expect

Photo: Getty Images

While it’s entirely possible that “Dark Phoenix” has already finished production and Turner just really felt like going back to red, that doesn’t stop us from loving the color any less. Whether she’s bright red, dark red, or blonde, Turner’s got our vote for the throne of Queen of Prettiest Summer Hair Colors.


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