IIMpressions — The first ever pan-IIM photography contest

What we know of photo contests are online registrations, entry fees, and the time consuming effort of submitting raw images to websites. What if there was something much easier for participants? something more exciting? Where all kinds of photographers could join and create beautiful galleries of curated photos as well as stand a chance to win prizes too? At galleri5, we believe in inspiration and discovery, and when it came to organizing the first ever pan-IIM photography contest — in association with fashion and lifestyle brand Arrow, we wanted to break a few boundaries and let everyone discover the love for photographs.

First, instead of conducting a contest in one college, we conducted it across all the major IIMs across India. Next, we didn’t restrict it to just one or two themes and instead came up with five, giving every participant an equal opportunity to try their hand at various styles and themes — from travel to food to photojournalism to fashion — participants could choose their style and give it their best shot. Usually fashion as a category has not been used much in photography contests, but galleri5 and Arrow believed in bringing out the fashion quotient of IIM students, and hence, we added this as a major category as well. Coming to the whole idea of limiting entries to only SLR and DSLR photos, we broadened the horizon and gave every aspiring photographer an opportunity to share the way they see the world.

Themes and Rules

Because photography is not just about equipments, it’s more about a person’s perspective of how one looks at the world through their lens, and how the world looks at their photos too.

And so we accepted photos from all kinds of cameras, including smartphones! And we were glad that we did. The myriad pictures that came in couldn’t have been more inspiring.

Next was voting. Ever heard of a voting system where if you voted you’d also get a point? And you could add the photo to your saved collection to try it later yourself? Well that’s what happened here.

When we thought of reimagining photo contests, we wanted it to be more inclusive and interactive, and so, votes were counted as ‘Hi5s’.

Every Hi5 acted as a like and also allowed the participants to collect experiences of others for their own inspiration! And more Hi5s mean “Karma” points earned for both the participant and the viewer. Isn’t it a fair world at galleri5?

Below you’ll find the winners of the first IIMpressions contest that happened this year. We had jury winners, campus champions and popular winners, which meant that participants had the chance to win more than once! The judges had a tough time deciding upon the best, which is why we introduced a ‘Special Mention’ category too! You can check out all the entries from the various campuses here: IIMA, IIMB, IIMC, IIMK, IIML, IIMI.

Winners of IIMpressions

We intend to do more of such contests where participants and aspirants are given more flexibility and freedom, where perspectives and vision are primary and equipments and calculations are secondary. Till then, check out all the fun we had on the campus in this after-movie of the contest.

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