Business men can choose the accessories are not many, leather shoes, briefcases, watches, name card clip, cufflinks…… And the belt is absolutely deserve to act the role of the protagonist. Now the shoes, briefcases and watch advertising monasteries, meet the eye everywhere, even if will have, but for every day to use the belt, but people know little. In fact, there is a lot of knowledge about the belt. leather belts manufacturers Jun Hong Fashion to teach you how to choose.

1 to judge the merits of a man’s leather belt is mainly by hand. In general, the leather is divided into two layers, the first layer of skin is relatively soft, with a skin; two skin without skin, so usually pressed on a layer of artificial leather, so that there is only one floor below is not above the layer of leather, leather.

The leather belt of the first layer is relatively soft, usually more expensive, the two layer of leather belt to touch up will be more hard.

2 leather belt compared with two layers of leather belt, in the life of some of the president, the two layer of leather belt in the artificial pressure of the layer of leather, a long time will appear cracks, then the belt can not be used again. Now on the market price of 1000 yuan or more of the belt is generally the first layer of leather belt.

3 in general, business style belt buckle are relatively simple, too fancy will appear very feminine, no business temperament. The quality is not the size of the Logo belt buckle, in European culture, business people are very low-key and reserved, but the clothes will be very decent, their primary concern is their own comfortable clothing and shoes, belt, and the color material collocation is very perfect. So, the style of the belt is the key to see how to match with the style of dress.

4 in fact, the first impression is very important in business occasions. A fine texture, style fashion belt really can reflect a person’s taste, such as this year’s more popular fine belt. But in business situations, or choose a simple black belt, safe insurance, law-abiding as well. Evening and business partners to attend the Party, you can choose the style of a little lively belt, highlighting the personal style.

The 5 belt is a kind of consumables, used for a long time will be bad. As long as usual with leather care agent rubbing professional about it, not to rub with alkaline detergent, with leather shoes, need moisturizing. In fact, the best way of maintenance is on the belt prepared more than a few, such as black, brown and beige belt belt belt, rotation with different color pants collocation can. As long as the belt is often replaced, in general, do not need special care.
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