The 2017 Way to Wear Your Boots


It’s that time of year where temperatures are so frigid that warmth and comfort inevitably take priority over your personal style. That being said, we recently discovered a layering trick that takes both of these important factors into consideration—and it’s super easy to pull off.

As of late, we’ve seen women styling their boots with skirts and dresses that have hemlines extending below the top of their boots. Though we’re used to seeing boots worn with cropped jeans or mini skirts, this combination feels like a breath of fresh air. Also, by not allowing there to be a sliver of skin out in the open, you create a sort of shield between your leg and winter’s chilly elements.

To help illustrate why we think this style tip is so chic, we rounded up a slew of street style images for you to see and replicate. And, for good measure, we threw in a few boots we think you’ll love. See below for the 2017 way to wear your boots!

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