The other morning, I opened my bathroom cabinet and realized I own upwards of a dozen anti-aging products that all claim to be wrinkle-fighting, fine-line reducing, and incredibly moisturizing. And yet, I still feel like I don’t have enough. I blame these dumb thoughts on the fact that we’re living in a time in which the world is completely and utterly obsessed with looking younger, which means the beauty world is flooded with wrinkle-killing “miracle workers.” And even for someone who has a new product land on her desk each morning, it’s hard to weed out the truly effective formulas from the straight-up ridiculous ones, which is why we decided to go to a group of real women who, sorry to say it, kind of know best: moms.

Yes, we talked to nine real moms, from dermatologists to beauty vloggers, to find out the anti-aging routines they swear by. And no, this isn’t just a list of nine different retinoids—these anti-aging products are actually formulated to target different parts of your body, like a brightening drugstore cream for your eyes, an anti-aging treatment for your hair, and a line-plumping serum for your lips. Basically, if you’re on the wrinkle-hating bandwagon like I am, you’re going to want to incorporate these into your beauty routine, stat. So, make a little room in your cabinet tonight, and shop the products, below.

To brighten dark marks and prevent fine lines...

To brighten dark marks and prevent fine lines…

“I use SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum every morning before I apply my moisturizer. It’s formulated with super-effective anti-aging ingredients, like antioxidants and vitamins C and E, and it leaves my skin noticeably firmer, brighter, and softer. It just feels like an overall, much-needed rejuvenation, and even my mom uses it!” – Sunny Hatchett, full-time mother of two (ages eight months and ten)

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic Serum, $165; at SkinCeuticals


To gently stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkles...

To gently stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkles…

“Since my skin is both oily and dry, I try to use an anti-aging oil every other night. One of my favorites right now is Sunday Riley’s retinol-based Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which I apply after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing my skin. I also keep in mind that having great skin isn’t just about product—I really try to drink as much water as possible throughout the day to stay super hydrated.” – Claudia Felix Garay, fashion blogger of The Penny Closet and mother to an eight-month-old

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, $105; at Sephora

Sunday Riley

For an all-natural glow...

For an all-natural glow…

“I used to live in South East Asia, where so many women with incredibly beautiful skin use coconut oil in their regular beauty regimens. So I don’t use retinoids—I just rely on water, sleep, and coconut oil as my anti-aging routine. I used to basically dip my body in coconut oil when I was pregnant, and I didn’t get any stretch marks. I also use it as a makeup remover and massage it over my face to reduce puffiness and to deeply moisturize it.” – Amanda, vlogger at AmandaMuse and mother of two (ages five and three)

Shea Moisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil, $12.99; at Walgreens

Shea Moisture

For fuller, line-free lips...

For fuller, line-free lips…

“Although I regularly do botox and fillers on my patients, I’ve never done any of it on myself. I just started using SkinMedica’s new lip plumper, because I like the fact that there’s a product that enhances and plumps your limps without needles. In addition to fuller, softer lips, it also really brings out your lip’s natural rosiness. I don’t wear lipstick that often because it’s hard to apply throughout the day at work, but this product gives me color and fullness all at once.” – Mona Gohara, Yale dermatologist and mother of two (ages ten and eight)

SkinMedica HA5 Smooth & Plump Lip System, $68; at Dermstore


For subtle firming and brightening...

For subtle firming and brightening…

“I laugh a lot, so I have a lot of laugh lines around my eyes and the bridge of my nose, and I’ve found CeraVe’s Eye Repair Cream to be really effective for firming and brightening. It’s super easy to apply, and a little bit of the lightweight formula goes a long way.” – Tiffany Brown, makeup artist, style blogger, and mother of two (ages six and three)

CeraVe Anti-Aging Eye Repair Cream, $10.79; at Target


To protect and hydrate color-treated hair...

To protect and hydrate color-treated hair…

“While I don’t even want to think about getting older, I’ve unfortunately already spotted a couple of gray hairs. And since I started coloring my hair, my already frizzy, high-maintenance hair has also become super dry, so I rely on Moroccan Oil for total hydration. It’s also incredibly healing, and I’ve noticed that it’s significantly reduced the amount of hair that breaks in between coloring and styling.” – Cori Zeichner, full-time mom of two (ages six and four) and beauty blogger of The Derm Wife

Moroccanoil Original Treatment, $44; at Moroccanoil


To quickly plump and moisturize skin...

To quickly plump and moisturize skin…

“I’m a big fan of sheet masks, because they’re so easy and affordable. My go-to is Leaders Insolution’s Collagen Boosting Renewal Mask, which is amazing for firming, minimizing fine lines, and giving your skin a healthy glow. I try to use it once a week after a bath or shower. and I leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Then I gently pat my face with a warm towel and my skin will already look noticeably healthier.” – Samantha Robinson, beauty vlogger at Saaammage and mother of two (ages three and five)

Leaders Insolution Collagen Boosting Renewal Mask, $5; at Leaders Insolution

Leaders Insolution

To fade dark spots and protect against wrinkles...

To fade dark spots and protect against wrinkles…

“A long time ago, my local health food store recommended I experiment with Phase 2 Scar Serum by Inesscents. It’s loaded with anti-aging ingredients, like calendula flower, sunflower oil, and vitamins E and A. At night, I pour a few drops onto a cotton ball and pat it under my eyes and then mix in a couple drops with my moisturizer.” – Brittanny Travers, full-time mom to a 20-month-old

Phase 2 Scar Serum, $14.99; at Inesscents


To instantly smooth and soften skin...

To instantly smooth and soften skin…

“I feel like serums have become really popular over the past few years, and I honestly thought they were a rip off until I tried the Trish McEvoy Booster Serum. I swear that almost immediately after putting it on, my lines are smoother and my skin feels much softer. It’s a bit of a splurge and the bottles are small, but I try to make it last as long as possible and only use it in the morning underneath my moisturizer.” – Courtney Maron, managing director of media investment and mother of two (ages three and five)

Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster Serum, $128.50; at Trish McEvoy

Trish McEvoy

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