The Bride

The Bride

This the traditional wedding kimono & outfit when you want a traditional japanese wedding.We call it,SHIRO MOKO because of the color.Its pearl off white.

Not all japanese neither foreigners have the chance to wear this.Here is why.

Selecting kimono on your wedding day differs from the design,color combination & most especially your skin tone.I myself,never had a chance to wear this but instead due the color of my skin is natural tan,my kimono was in colored Red.Not bad at all.Fits perfectly.

You have to understand that wearing this on your special day is not easy as it look like.You have to wear a wig which heavy & it will be decorated.Then the kimono.Underneath this,it has 2 layers of thin under wears to be wrapped up.then the make up.Notice that the make is simple.Yes,it is.We have a saying here.the simplier,the better.Then is the GETA or wooden sandals.I know its hard to walk if your not used to it.You have to walk in a criss cross type so the whole kimono wont be a mess.Over all set will take you 4-5 hours in preparation.

Also,past years during wedding reception,the bride has to changed 3 times which not the usual wedding that happens by West & East countries.But now,time changed,new generations now tend to go on more on low cost wedding & reception too which means,less extra dresses,compact reception & for family & friends.

But still the tradition is there & practise.It’s once in a lifetime to have such wonderful moment especially when your a foreigner getting a wedding spree in Japan.But to top it all.this experience & moment cant buy.Your happiness too.For those who are getting married & what a japanese experience,try it out.We have now all low cost budget weddings here.But sometimes,even for the new generation whats to experience this.Good thing that the tradition of the culture is not dying but they are cherishing them.

A moment of your life,priceless.

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