The Denim on Denim and how to be life of the outings

Try to keep contrast in your attire.

Wardrobe: The Double Denim 1. Light Shirt. Dark jeans. Experiment with shades, but stick to the same colour. You don’t want to look like a colour palette. Do Google about colour combos if you are unsure. It takes less than a minute. Tailored fit is the best fit. You can go for lose fit, but I think the past should be kept in the past. Go for a regular or a slim fit jeans. Have the lowest number of skinny jeans in your wardrobe. Distressed jeans are great if they are not making you look mugged, beaten or physically abused. Put them boots on! Pair of desert boots or biker boots would give you that rugged look. You can go for sneakers or a pair of slip-ons if you want to keep it casual. Accessorize. Put on a rugged metal strap or a leather strap watch. It should go with your look though. Keep it dark. A good casual belt. Preferably in the colour of your shoes. You’ll be the most looked at person anywhere if you match the shoe, belt and the watch colour. Wear dark shades. No reflectors. Shades are made to protect you from sun, not to make you into one.

Wisdom: Wear this outfit while out on a road trip, jungle safari, casual day outings or just another brunch on a weekend. Don’t put this on if you are going to a wedding, night party, funeral, office party, any event in the night, any formal event. If you are out on a trip with your friends or other people, be cheerful. Be helpful. Be a delight. Be interested. Be interesting. Tell stories. Listen to stories. Make them feel special. Congratulate them on little achievements. Be happy for them. Take munchies with you. Offer them to someone who you want to talk to. Great way to start a conversation. Let the phone be in your pocket. Talk to people. Feel the nature. Enjoy the surroundings. Compliment women on their outfits. Do it in a non-creepy, chivalrous manner. Try being a tour guide if you are going to a new place. Of course, you’ll have to google to be already informed about it. Little facts about a new place are always interesting and so is the person the facts come from. Know some fun games or activities that can be played with everyone involved. Play them whenever everyone is available. Teach how to play. Always have next couple of hours planned. If not possible, have options at least. Ultimately, be lively!