The GOODS #71 / June 6, 2018

Summer is here ☀️

And that can only mean one thing…

Road trip!

And we all know the two best things that go well with a good ol’ fashioned roadie.

Friends and music.

That’s why this week, we’re seeing what travelling alongside true friendship is all about, and of course, helping you cruise through the next few sunny months with some solid beats 🔊

Roll the windows down.
Waaaaaay down 🙂

He’s their brother

Well kind of.

In some instances, friends are closer than family. And this is absolutely one of those times

There’s no one better to backpack across Europe with than BFFs, right?

Especially, when your best friend is the backpack

And his friends are amazing

They are not medically qualified by any means. And they have little to no experience at all tending to people living with disabilities.

But gosh darn it, do they ever have the world’s largest 💗s.

Back in 2015, for three weeks, they carried Kevan across Ireland, England and France.

Like actually, carried him on their backs.

One after another, they had their turns shouldering their main man, Kev.

Obstacles, schmobtacles

Originally from the U.S., the group of roommates and friends had the wild idea of travelling across Europe together.

They knew Kevan couldn’t walk (because he’s living with spinal muscular atrophy, a rare neuromuscular disease which limits his ability to move) so they got their arts ‘n crafts on.

They stitched up a custom backpack so that their friend didn’t have to deal with his heavy, clunky wheelchair. And in Europe that’s super key.

Cobblestones. So many cobblestones.


For some, what this group of guys did for their pal Kevan is pure once-in-lifetime.

But not these buddies. They’re just getting started.

Two awesome things are on their plate at the moment.

Since their first trip, together with Deuter (a backpack maker) they’ve been helping design more custom-made packs to help transport people of (almost) all sizes and needs.

Result, more people like Kev can travel and enjoy the crazy, sexy, cool

we live in.

And next, they’re organizing a similar Kevan-carrying adventure, but this time, to China.

They’re looking for donations to help get them to the other side of the world to visit orphans with disabilities throughout China 🇨🇳

Their goal is to deliver custom carrying backpacks for those kids to use, and to be a source of beautiful inspo to some of the disadvantaged Chinese children living with disabilities.

They hope to demonstrate that life — no matter how you live it — is full of possibility.

And as Kevan puts it, “We all have limitations, but through creativity, courage, and community, we can move beyond those limitations and embrace our full potential.”

Great Wall here they come!

Let the rhythm take you over indeed

Whether you’re grabbing the bus, the plane, or carpooling like ☝️️ Jenny and Jimmy to your Summer destination, be sure to pack the good stuff.


We don’t mean sunscreen or bathing suits. (Who needs those, really?)

We’re talking jams.
The musical kind 🎶

Summer seems to be synonymous with music.

And because good music can take you to sooooo many good places, we’ve put together a sweet, sweet playlist (Spotify style) to get you in the mood to enjoy life.

Especially as you do that wavy thing with your arm when the windows are down 😉

Turn it up.
You can thank us later.

From the coasts of Portugal to grandma’s backyard, we wanna know where you’re headed to this Summer. Who knows, maybe we’ll cross paths.

Also, don’t forget to let us know if our half-decent DJ skills are at least half decent.

Have an awesome week ✌️

Much love. All the love 💜

PS — Did you find our 2 secret “classic” hidden links?

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