The Internet Loves This 90-Year-Old’s Chic Sneaker Outfit


Fact: You can find great style in every age bracket. We’ve highlighted the chicest over-50 bloggers, as well as the most stylish older couples out there. Now, one very cool 90-year-old has caught our eye.

Footwear News first pointed out that the below image of a grandma in Adidas sneakers was going viral on Reddit. “The image has more than 6800 upvotes, making it the 10th-highest-ranking post of all time on Reddit’s sneaker subforum,” Footwear News explains. The image was posted on Reddit by user gl0w, who explained the picture in a caption: “Surprised my grandma with some Ultra Boosts, and she wanted a photo. (She is 90.)” When you’re this stylish in your 90s, why wouldn’t you want to document it?

Scroll down to see the chic grandma outfit that everyone’s obsessed with on Reddit.

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