The One Bag French Girls Will Never Buy

We often discuss French-girl style: Simple wardrobe basics and lived-in hair are at the center of that Parisian effortlessness. But how does it translate to handbags—one of the essential wardrobe accessories?

We tapped four French girls to weigh in on the bags we would never find in their closets and the ones they wear on repeat. It turns out that French girls aren’t fans of oversize bags. When it comes to size, mini bags win out over larger styles. Those oversize shopper bags send the wrong message—French girls like to appear low-maintenance. On top of that, we also learned a few key rules. Stick to classic colors like navy or ones that can be found in nature such as terra-cotta and rust. Hues that are too bright or neon get skipped. Keep it simple. Anything that looks overworked with too many embellishments doesn’t make the cut.

Go on to see what French girls have to say about the bags they love and the styles they’d never wear, and then shop their picks.

Wear a simple dress with this geometric bag. 
French girls would style this purse with a summer wrap dress. 
Wicker bags are a French-girl staple. 
A small crossbody bag is perfect for date night. 
The fun handle adds a twist to this neutral bag.
A dark red adds a chic pop of color. 
L.A. girls love this local brand.
This designer mini bag is so chic and totally worth the splurge.
A messenger bag is a timeless accessory. 
Jeanne Damas has been spotted sporting a circle woven bag. 
The intricate pattern adds a personal touch to this bag. 
One of the biggest brands of 2018.
A simple tote in a beautiful color.
The basket bag you can wear in winter.
A stand out crossbody bag in a classic shape.
Such an interesting shape.
So elegant.
Such a pretty combination.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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