The Over Shirt and How to not let your work define you!

Melodica is a great small instrument to learn quickly. It’s portability makes it easier to carry around.

Wardrobe: A basic plain tee. A plaid or a plain shirt. Pair of jeans or chinos. Pair of sneakers. Pretty simple. Yet you’ll be emitting the coolest vibes around. The overshirt look has been around for a while. It was invented in 20th century as a military uniform. However, it came out later on the streets by possibly pretentious men. Now, it’s extremely easy to pull this off. Your tee should be plain, preferably a lighter shade than the overshirt. When in doubt go with white. Your overshirt has to complement the tee shirt. They can’t be of the same colour. If they are, just wear one of them. The highlight should be the overshirt. Google about complementing colours. Great overshirt would be plaid, striped or plain dark shaded. Real helpful. For the bottom, you can go with a denim or a pair of chinos. Just FYI. Chinos are the future of workwear! Again, play with colours. Dark shirt. Light tee. Light pants. Light shirt. Lighter tee. Dark Pants. Sneakers are best for the casual look. Wear those god-awful running shoes only for running. No formal shoes, no trekking boots or gum boots or cowboys or ancient Greek footwear. And finally, a cool watch, not the office watch though and a pair of shades.

Wisdom: Wise men have always donned this look on a summer day, when going for dance classes. Piano lessons. Book clubs. Band performances. Concerts. Wise men have also kept interests apart from the routines. This is called as the wisdom of multidimensionality. Run after it. You have to be interested in the world to gain this. Possession of this wisdom will turn into most sought after human amongst the humans around you. Learn something new everyday. Keep your work at work. That is just one dimension. Read. Know. Know about it all. Know all about it. Have a hobby. Never let it die. You like to paint? Paint. You used to dance but don’t get time now? Make time. Dance. Hone your skills. Learn in multiple dimensions. Learn to sing. Just hitting the right notes would be fine. Learn to paint. Make your own art pieces. Play a sport. Get better at it. Read books. Read a lot of them. Do it just for an hour every day. When you learn things, you know about them. You can talk about them. You can teach them. You can influence people. Influence people. There is always a person who will just be waiting for someone’s advice to start those piano lessons. Be that someone. You’ll be surprised to know when he’ll come back to you to tell the impact your advice made in his life. Discover a lot. Have friends outside of work. Sure, you are career minded. It is good to be. But never let your mind be only about career. Have a personal goal. You’ll be amazed to discover that person in you who will learn to balance your multiple lives. Once you find him, keep him alive. Keep the lives alive. Grow.