The Shoe Surgeon Unveils a Very Literal Version of the Air Jordan IV “Cactus Jack”

This latest iteration of the AJ4 was seriously made with “luxury sage ostrich leather.”

via The Shoe Surgeon

The incomparable, L.A. based Shoe Surgeon is set to debut another pair of especially unique “Cactus Jack” Air Jordan IVs, even by his creative standards.

To succinctly describe this statement-maker of a sneaker in just two words — and two words only — all one would need to say is “ostrich leather” and everyone would basically get the picture.

Though if not, here’s a picture:

via The Shoe Surgeon

And if that didn’t drive home the feel, perhaps this one will:

via The Shoe Surgeon

Per HypeBesast, the shoe features a “stippled, olive-colored ostrich leather to recreate the thorny surface of an actual cacti” and will only run you the equivalent of a mortgage payment or your rent check if you happen to live in a one-bedroom broom closet in downtown Manhattan.

Which is to say, these prickly sneakers are priced at exactly $3,500 U.S dollars — an absolute steal if you’re the type who fans themselves with hundred-dollar bills and wears custom button-downs made entirely of endangered bird feathers.

Whether that’s the case or not hardly matters, though.

If these ostrich-leather bad boys that convey the feel of an actual cactus are getting you all caught up in your feels, go ahead and pounce on the limited release that be found exclusively at on Saturday, January 5th, at 11 am EST/8 am PST.

Best of luck and prayers up!

[H/T HypeBeast]