The Tights I’m Wearing on Repeat Are $7—and They’re Sold at Walgreens

In case you hadn’t noticed (or scrolled through your Instagram feed lately), fishnet tights are taking over the world, or at least the ’90s-obsessed fashion world. The accessory once reserved for Halloween costumes is officially cool year-round. Fishnets are a trend that I’ve certainly had my eye on lately, especially after encountering example after example of the fishnets-layered-under-ripped-jeans look that’s everywhere right now. But it’s not a trend I see having especially timeless appeal, so spending $50 or more on a pair of luxury fishnets was a no-go this time around.

Coincidentally, while strolling through Walgreens recently, I came across the hosiery section. Nestled among the rows of sheer, skin-tone pantyhose was a little gem that jumped out at me—fishnets! At Walgreens! But not just any fishnets, $7 fishnets from West Loop, aka Walgreens’ in-house brand. I added them to my basket alongside my laundry detergent and toothpaste without hesitation.

Since purchasing my $7 fishnets, I’ve admittedly been surprised at how good the quality is. They’re more of a subtle, fine mesh, which I like, and I’ve yet to encounter a snag or hole. I’ve worn them on repeat occasions and made a mental note to grab an extra pair the next time I’m at Walgreens. If you want to try these secretly amazing fishnets for yourself, the drugstore doesn’t sell them on its e-comm site, so you’ll have to stop into one of the 8177 stores. Shouldn’t be hard to find one, right?

See me wearing the tights and get a little fishnet styling inspiration below. And if online shopping is more your speed, keep scrolling to shop more affordable fishnet tight options!

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