The Ultimate Capsule Wardrobe for Travel in Europe

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Let’s face it, there’s really no better reason for a capsule wardrobe than traveling. And, for any of those girls who are not quite sure what that is, simply put, it’s a mini wardrobe full of versatile pieces that they love wearing. And, for anyone who is hooked on the whole modern minimal closet idea, they’ll definitely appreciate having less to pack without compromising their sense of style. The concept of living a bigger life only with a smaller wardrobe is perfect for anyone planning to travel to Europe. It’s the key to a minimalistic style that takes the stress out of getting dressed, especially for women on-the-go.

So, What should be included in the perfect capsule wardrobe? Well,for anyone planning to travel to Europe, the following are some special style tips for some of the most exciting and romantic countries in the world:

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First Stop- France:

What are the most popular current French style trends? One main trend is a style dubbed “suave simplicity” according to Around The World Fashion. This includes earthy tones and flowing accents, but not overdoing it is definitely the key. For anyone traveling to France, especially in the Fall, going with earthy tones is a good bet. A pair of blue jeans with a beige shirt is a good example. Various shades of green, white, gray, and blue are dominating the fashion scene, along with basic black. On the other hand, bright color choices are trendy as well and are currently well accepted in France.

Plenty of leggings, lightweight decorative jacket-tops and long dresses are in-style right now. For footwear, the shoe choices that are the most stylish include slip-ons and dressy sandals for warmer days, and dressy leather boots, high heels or flats for when it’s not quite so warm. Trendy handbags are simple and stylish in popular colors like solid black or brown with zippers, buttons, and brass accents.

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When in Spain:

The colorful history of Spain is always showing through in their sense of style. Comfort and style paired perfectly together is the cornerstone of fashion in Spain. As a part of the fashion hub of the world, Spain is a bit more casual than Italy or France. But, that doesn’t mean that Spanish women don’t take their fashion seriously. They definitely do, and the foundation of their fashion rules lies in high-quality clothing lines and soft muted colors. And, it’s quite surprising what fashion trends are acceptable to the Spanish that might not be in other areas.

Opinions vary regarding fit, style, and color. So, wearing baggy comfortable pants is just as cool as wearing tight skinny jeans. One fashion rule in Spain that’s important to follow is to always get dressed up when going anywhere. Spanish women always try to look good no matter where they’re going. Accessorizing is important, as are shoes, so leaving those flip-flops at the beach is a must.

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Fashion Italian Style:

Italians are well-known for their style and fashion. It’s important when traveling to Italy not to be under-dressed. Sure, it’s tempting to get dressed for comfort when traveling but it’s crucial to show some style the Italian way. Dress like an Italian woman and find out how much more fun it can be to look like a local. This can be accomplished by aiming for solid neutral tones like white, black, or even nudes. Matching pinstripe trousers with a turtleneck made of pink silk topped off with a black blazer equals casual elegance. And, rounding out this outfit with a multi-colored Pucci leather tote would surely be a big hit in Italy.


A few basic fashion items that are definite must-haves for any European trip include:

~ One basic cashmere sweater

~ One pair of skinny jeans

~ One pair of comfortable lace-up flats

~ One leather jacket, preferably black

~ One white blouse

~ One fitted blazer