With fashion bloggers now creating their own niche in the fashion industry, here’s an attempt at trying to understand what it is that has brought them on par with fashion designers who have been in the industry for millennia!

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A clear blue sky adorned with wisps of clouds floating about, the sun-kissed cherubic face of a girl ferrying on a gondola in what is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world — Venice. It conjures quite a picturesque image and the girl looked like it could be one of us. That made me stop browsing through the vast content that is available now-a-days and piqued my interest enough to take a look.

@thatbohogirl aka Kritika Kurana from her Instagram account

The image was of Kritika Khurana more popularly known as “ThatBohoGirl” in the digital space. Based in New Delhi her description reads — Fashion and Travel Blogger/ Youtuber. I looked through the rest of the content available on her profile and instantly started following her on her Instagram profile.

I was relatively new to the Insta world and started following other fashion bloggers as well, I began to wonder what exactly makes them so engaging, apart from probably being an eye pleaser and yes, of course, being a fashion educator/influencer, there isn’t much to offer but we still want to, in fact look forward to their posts, updates etc. How is it that they have garnered such fame and a celebrity status over a short period of time?

The answer was right in front of me, the reason why Istopped to look at that first glimpse of Ms. Kritika.

The reason was because I could identify with her, the clothes she wore and displayed on her website was something that a normal girl like me can consider wearing. Also it seemed to be quite affordable and more importantly, it all looked absolutely BRILLIANT!

When asked what is it that makes you follow fashion bloggers, Priscilla Fernandes 20, a student says,“Fashion bloggers are celebrities whose style i can actually follow without it burning a hole in my pocket. Plus it feels like a friend of mine is giving me styling tips.If given an opportunity, I’d like to be one someday!”

Also social media plays a pivotal role in providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas. Today we have tons of portals where one can display their work. The influence and the reach of fashion bloggers has been so immense that the guest list of the New York fashion week has now been extended to the ‘social media stars’.

New York Fashion Week: Bloggers replacing celebs and models as they receive front row respect
Walkways become runways as lights prepared to shine on designers 2016 fall/winter collections at New York Fashion: The…www.ibtimes.co.uk

Four of the top international fashion bloggers made it to the New York Fashion week in October this year and reportedly Tumblr will be sending 12 fashion bloggers next year in September as part of the Tumblr NYFW program.

Promotional images of ThatBohoGirl endorsing the brand Nykaa in the form of Give aways

The blogger culture which started in the west is seeing more than the light of day in the east, especially in India, with young entrepreneurs willing to take the plunge and pursue their passion.Successful examples include fashion bloggers like @thatbohogirl,@santoshishetty, @caughtinacuff, @thedapperlabel who are a few of the top trending fashion bloggers in India.

Brands like Nykaa and Clinique are now willing to endorse bloggers and are forming alliances with them, travel companies are sponsoring trips to exotic locations.

What started out as a hobby has become a potential full time career. Fashion bloggers have now become a household name.