These Four Colors Should Make Up 50% Of Your Closet.

What do all these outfits have in common?

and how do these outfits look compared to those above?

What was the first thing that stuck out to you for all these looks? Was it the fit? A specific item they were wearing? Or did you notice the colors?

The biggest difference between the first batch and the second is COLOR. The first batch has too much of it and the second batch showcases outfits that are more thoughtful in color coordination.

How does the second batch of outfits look cool, cohesive, approachable and more put-together?

These outfits focus on only FOUR colors! These 4 colors are season-less, look great on all body types and look amazing when paired together to create an outfit.

Today, I’m going to share with you “Next Level System” that I use for all my one-on-one clients to make sure they avoid style boredom with their wardrobe.

First, let’s look at this color hierarchy pyramid that I’ve created.

This is a guideline that you can use for your wardrobe to ensure you have the right colors in your closet.

Next, let’s dive into the details with some outfit inspiration.


These colors will make up the majority of your closet and act as a foundation.


These colors are light to dark of Navy and Grey. You can also incorporate the Tonal prints as seen in the 2nd the 4th picture.


This is where you can interject seasonal color trends.

One of the biggest reasons that I recommend my 50/40/10 Rule is because I have found that it prevents boredom. We have all had those moments that we put on the same top and bottom — why? Because it’s “one less decision that we have to make in our day”, it fits, it’s comfortable and it’s just fine.

With the 50/40/10 Rule in place for your wardrobe, you’ll be able to put together cool, effortless outfits instantly and feel confident in whatever combination that you put on.