The First Communion is a religious milestone in any childs’ life. Special first communion dresses are worn for the service and families often gather together afterwards for a fun-filled celebration. Helping young girls find the perfect dress for their Ceremonial Celebrations doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it should be fun and easy! Here are some suggestions you may need when choosing the dress for your daughter.

Buy the dress in advance. If you leave it till a month before then you will likely have to buy the dress off the rack. This will limit your choices, and if you overlay that with a child who has sensory needs and the fact I wasn’t prepared to spend more on this than my wedding dress, then it will limit it further. The more time you have, the more choice you will have.

Do your research. You can started a Communion Pinterest board. This helped us narrow down what sort of dresses she liked. We also asked lots of questions of the school to see what girls have worn in previous years. Veils? Tiaras? Gloves? Full length or tea length dresses? If you have some of those questions answered before you go, you’ll be better placed.

Be prepared to compromise.Maybe you want something more classic, you want her to wear flats, but your daughter just want a baby heels and a fur wrap,and you want a simple cardigan or bolero. After a full day of shopping, I believed that all of you have to compromise.

Think about the comfort level. Don’t be afraid to look for comfort over style. You can pack a soft cotton singlet for her to pop under the scratchy, lacy dresses, but realised pretty quickly that that would probably cause more issues than it would solve.