Tips from Luxury Brands for Successful Holiday-Themed Social Media Campaigns

The leading luxury brands have always been style setters in the physical world. That’s part of the luxury attraction. It may seem odd to think of these very old and established brands as style setters in the world of digital marketing, but many have become just that. The luxury shopping experience is about personalization, and these brands have seen digital — particularly mobile and social media — as platforms for personalization.

Today we take a look at some luxury brands social media campaigns that have successfully driven engagement. If you’re looking to do the same, these social luxury campaigns provide many valuable tips.

Michael Kors

High-end fashion designer Michael Kors recently boosted North American sales by 20% and eCommerce sales by 73%. Social media was a large part of the reason for these gaudy increases.

Kors was quick to understand the importance of omnichannel marketing to their customers. The brand captures leads through their newsletter, engages with customers and fans on all social media channels, and uses these same channels for retargeting.

Their campaigns almost force customers to engage with the brand through social media, like the one pictured to the right. They employ social media for what it does best, which is to create an emotional connection between users. They cleverly employ Instagram hashtags to engage with customers and create brand buzz.


Luxury brands social media marketing achieves particularly high engagement on Instagram, capitalizing on the fact that it is primarily a visual platform. Chanel recently used the platform to create buzz for a new product, №5 L’Eau perfume. Their branded hashtag “#newchanel5” generated over 1,600 pieces of content and garnered nearly one million likes in the first month of the campaign.

Chanel’s social media strategy was to work with major influencers on Instagram, making deals with them to become Chanel brand ambassadors. This was a great way to increase visibility as well as create buzz. It is also a great way to build brand loyalty, which pays continual dividends, because Instagram users tend to follow what they are passionate about. In the course of this social media campaign, they displayed the brand and new perfume to more than nine million consumers.

Louis Vuitton

On June 1 last year, Louis Vuitton launched a ridiculously successful social media campaign, generating 286,000 engagements in two weeks from only six posts. Six. How did they do it? By combining three tried and true elements: celebrities, awards, and LV clothing.

Louis Vuitton used the hashtag #TonyAwards along with photos of celebrities wearing their clothes to raise awareness of the brand. This sort of event coordinated use of social media is a great way to interact with customers in real-time. This particular photo generated 64.7k likes…a lot of eyeballs on one image.


Burberry has created one of the top social media presences in the luxury industry. It’s no overstatement to say that they have completely reinvented the brand to attract the digital world. Their activity creates great engagement.

One recent video generated 104k likes, 3.8k comments, and 13k shares. That is quite a bit of visibility from just one video. They pride themselves on this kind of engagement, and are always innovating to stay on top in the social media space.

One of Burberry’s standard marketing approaches is the celebrity endorsement. Many high fashion celebrities wear their brand and Burberry knows it. They always tweet at them or show images of celebrities representing their style, and these images reward them with high engagement.

The Cue Effect

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