Tips on fashion for divas on a trip to London

London is a fascinating city and the ideal holiday destination. It is one of the most visited cities on the planet and home to some of the finest attractions in the country. It attracts more than 16 million visitors every year and is the most visited city in Great Britain. The city also is famous for its shopping and entertainment venues and rivals Milan and Paris as the fashion capital of Europe.

And in terms of accommodation London offers a diverse variety of options to choose from. From iconic luxury hotels to B&BS, hostels to 4 star hotels in London, you will find them all. The city caters to a wide variety of travellers with all types of budgets.

IF you are looking to stay in comfort and luxury without having to spend a fortune then the Grand Royale Hotel Hyde Park London is the place to stay. It is reasonably priced with excellent facilities and best of amenities. And it is in the centre of the city, which makes it convenient to travel to all parts of London. For those young ladies and women who are wondering what to wear to look their best and in style, on a trip to London here are a few handy tips….

Carry a collared shirt: When you look at most local women and girls in London a classic girly shirt that is collared seems to a favourite with most. You could choose to wear it on its own or if it is nippy wear it under a cardigan (always keep a cardigan handy because the temperature can drop at any time) in London. 
Keep a pair of long sleeves and booties:
When the weather is warm and nice and sunny you could choose to wear a pair of long sleeves, with shorts and booties. That makes the ideal choice of apparel in summer and is considered to be chic and trendy.

Choose an all black outfit: Wearing an all black outfit is not frowned upon in the city, while it may be considered inappropriate in other places. Winter is the best time to don your black outfit and it is pretty common to see in the city. Whether it is a dress with matching accessories or a pant suit, you will certainly be in fashion when you step out in black.

Wear a blazer: As the mercury tends to plummet in the evenings and in the night you need to keep a blazer handy to wear over a dress or any other outfit. Keep it chic and feminine by opting for light colours and you will be a hit with the London fashionistas for sure!

You could try a curve hugging pencils skirt: Pencil skirts are all in vogue and you could choose to wear it in spring or summer, when you are in the city. It is great for a night out in town or a dinner date and when paired with a casual top it looks classy and elegant