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Christiania Grimmie at Billboard awards-2016

Written on 28.6.2016

Stepping onto the stage, fans screamed down the arena. Christiana Grimmie’s fulfilling smile rose before singing, no one knew it would turn out to be the final time she stepped on stage.

She was the average teenage girl, heavy eyeliner, shading her wide eyes, straightened black hair into a bob, instead of some manicured celebrity paying a stylist for perfection. She was relatable. It was not hard for people to fall in love with Christiana Grimmie. Young and accessible, she did everything for her fans.

Whether it was her down to earth personality or her attitude to make a change in the world, everyone who followed Christiana Grimmie was touched in some way. Relating to most, the young star from start to the end wanted to make her mother proud. Making music not only for herself and her family but of course her fans. Filling pride within herself and everyone around her is all anyone ever wishes for.

Starting her career in the YouTube community, Christiana was a self-made social media star. Beginning her journey like many other celebrities such as Justin Bieber; the young star uploaded numerous cover videos. Her talent and kind grace won her fans hearts and slowly gained a small following.

Grimmie mingled with some of the biggest names in music. Brian Teefey, Seelena Gomez’s stepfather and former manager, signed on to manage Grimmie after discovering her online. Two years after he start on YouTube, Grimmie released her album (Find Me in 2011). Which she then followed releasing another three her last released this year (Side A).

Her burning passion excelled and the young star found herself at competition ‘The Voice’ in 2014. Christiana placed third in the sixth season for ‘The Voice’ and was coached by Adam Levine.

“She was one of The Voice’s real shots at a pop star,” Audrey Morrissey, executive producer with the show. “She really touched us and inspired us.” She said to billboard after the incident.

From there Christiana bursts through homes of fans. Opening there chest and spreading love straight to their hearts. Mingling with big names such as Demi Lovato, Lil Wayne and Rachel Platton. As a rising star Grimmie sought advice from Platton after they toured together. “ She asked me how she could reach people and spread a massive amount of love, to me-she already had.”

Christiana fell to her death June 10th 2016, during a meet and greet after her concert at Plaza Live in Orlando. Orlando became a shooting zone. The star opened her arms wide with a smile greeting the fan who fatally shot her seconds later. Christiana's brother, Marcus Grimmie tackled the shooter before he shot someone else. A heroic act, and shortly after the shooter turned the gun onto himself.

Kevin Loibl (27) the man who shot and killed Grimmie after her performance; was teased by Co-workers when he changed himself to appeal to Grimmie as attractive. There was no personal connection to Grimmie, however he had a intimate view of her world. Just as any other fan does.

From recording in her bedrooms of covering songs to Q&A videos. Social Media is not reality, it gives the public a interview of celebrities lives. Also inviting creeps into their lives while some just want to watch like whereas other like Loibl, it is an invitation for an obsession.

“Witnesses say she was arms open wide, she had no idea and treated everybody the same,” Marcus Grimmie shares days after the passing of Christina.

2:45am Saturday, Christina Grimmie was announced dead after her publicist shared she did not survive the attack. The news disrupted hearts of many and stunned the music industry. Stars such as Seelena Gomez and Quincy Jones leaving heart felt messages for her.

“When I found out she died, it was a feeling I had never felt before. When a friend dies it’s so confusing, like that’s not supposed to happen,” YouTube star Shane Dawson admits in his video for Christina.

Days and even weeks later, other music sensations dedicated songs to Christina in memory of her talent and beautiful soul. Fifth Harmony, Charlie Puth, Rachel Platton, Twenty One Pilots and more singers pay tribute to her.

“My fans are literally the biggest part of why I’m this far, why I'm doing what I'm doing.” Grimmie spoke in one of her videos, being grateful for her fans love and support.

Christina Grimmie was taken from us far too soon. the impact she had on this world in the short 22 years of her life will carry on forever. Her inspiration and spirit flown into our hearts and will stay there forever

Rest In Peace.


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