Men’s fashion is at its all-time high and we got to admit that they are enjoying this spot. With all the fashion biggies investing their considerable thought and time in menswear, the clothing dimension for this particular gender has changed its face forever. There are maniacs who are working up the energy with a number of street style inspirations that are supposed to score big the upcoming spring/summer. From a few staples to absolutely new fashion pieces, read on and find out more about them before the countdown begins.

Bandanas for the hunks

Boyishly brilliant, if the women mass have scarves, they the boys have bandanas. It is an easy style to pull off and you can never get it wrong. A modest bandana tied around the neck gives a boost to the simplest of the aesthetics while helping you stand out. They also provide an outstanding opportunity to add a splash of colour to the clothing ensemble. Offering a wide variety of colours, the real trick in picking a great bandana does not depend on the colours but the knot you tie. Neat knots will only amplify the look. Match them with a simple t-shirt and jeans to make your casual outfit look fun-filled and charming.

Major throwback to the 70’s

An ironic comeback of the long lost 70’s fashion was noticed on the runways this year. And guess what they are only going to become bigger in the spring of the 17’s fashion designers have smartly picked up the most evocative and elegant pieces from one of the most influential eras in the history to create an undefeatable fashion statement. If you notice closely, then 70’s was all about rich palette on classic fashion clothing. Suede and velvet are the biggest contributions of that era that can be seen as the next big thing. Shoe manufacturers have also started designing footwear being influenced by this style.The key to looking good in this particular outlook is to mix and match. So if one garment is inspired from that era, then make sure to opt for something modern if you want to avoid looking like a teleport from the 70’s.

Welove being a child: at heart and in clothes

A new trend that emerged and did well on the streets of Europe and USA was the wearing of clothes that featured childhood graphics and references. An opportunity to showcase the novelty imagery, the men reflected their youthful and boyish side. From t-shirts to baseball caps, the choice is varied and immense. Garfield, Sponge Bob, Star Wars, Simpsons are a few of the many that saw a revival. Wear them to any casual gathering with friends, or even for the weekly errand run, they will surely up your style quotient by volumes.

Bombers be good, bombers be statement

A bomber jacket in a bright shade can be too much for a man to wear, but if you are daring and looking to experiment with your outfit, then the enthusiasts have the perfect fashion piece for you. They are stylish and attention grabbing. They will definitely score high on the fashion card for their versatile nature intermingled with chicness. However, if you are a gentleman who has some conservative choices, then a neutral tone can also work wonders for you.

So up your game for the coming year and make a distinctive style statement everywhere you go. Reputed wholesale mens clothing brands are available online who have designed the clothes to match the tone of the fashion world. If you are a retailer looking to make a bulk purchase then register online and find out the best deals available.