A thoughtful expression of vulnerability in business.

“My experiences have shaped this collection into somewhat of my own personal diary. It embraces loss and heartbreak in an elegant, and simple way.”

Credit: http://scadmanor.com/troy-allen-pre-fall-17/

Troy Allen’s Pre-Fall collection of his eponymous brand debuted on November 10th in his hometown of Savannah, Georgia. The collection is luxurious but eludes the coldness and dramatically proper nature usually partnered with nudes and silks. Humble Allen muses on the relationship between art and business while creating a collection where the ultimate aim is to sell. While realizing his passion through creating the pieces, he found himself unable to escape the emotional nature of making art. This collection is an expression of that awareness, which includes a list of “Suggested Readings”, featuring works by Rupi Kaur, Patti Smith, and Pablo Neruda, to name a few. The full list is available at the end of the interview.

Credit: http://scadmanor.com/troy-allen-pre-fall-17/
Credit: http://scadmanor.com/troy-allen-pre-fall-17/

What music did you play during your show? What was the ambiance like?

“Easy” by Son Lux. [It was] dimly lit and intimate. I wanted everything to be perfectly curated to show a lifestyle. The brand is more than just the clothes. It’s how the customer lives and goes about in the clothes.

Your earlier stuff is almost all knitwear right? Some of the new stuff is knit but for the most part it’s not — you wouldn’t call it a departure from knitwear, right?

I basically did a brand relaunch (laughs). It all looks different. I went for higher quality fabrics and craftsmanship.

“The collection began with a few looks that were meant to be minimal and thoughtful, but little did I know that this collection would lead me into my most vulnerable states, but also to my happiest.”

What do you think about this Tom Ford quote, “I’m a commercial fashion designer, I’m about things that sell. As Susan says in the film, I’m too cynical to really be an artist. Making a film, for me, is the closest I will get to being an artist. I don’t do it to live — this sounds spoiled, but I have money that comes from other sources. I do it for passion. I do it because I love it, which is also why I couldn’t work with a studio controlling this. So I am more vulnerable, because when you care about something, you’re going to be vulnerable”?

I completely agree with Tom Ford, I made this collection to make a very marketable and sellable body of work. This is a business and I don’t consider myself an artist. I’m not trying to push boundaries. When I started this collection, I was doing it for the purpose of business, but it did lead me to such vulnerable states and it really became this romantic and intimate body of work that I was somewhat scared to show. It’s definitely very personal to me and allowed me to show emotions that I never let people see before.

Center: Allen / Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMprIkkh6ce/

Who is Maggie Hayes?

Maggie Hayes is the painter I showcased in the show. I chose pieces that I felt embodied the collection and placed them around the house.

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