Tulsa: The Experience


A set of immersive installation exhibits including one you can sleep inside of

When: Ongoing; Wednesdays through Sundays
Where: ahha Tulsa, Hardesty Arts Center, 101 E. Archer St., Tulsa, OK
Price: $10.95; free for 2 and under; pre-registration required to sleep (2 hour time slots)

Tags: #installationart, #interactive

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The EXPERIENCE is an artist-driven, large-scale, fully immersive art installation that invites participants to explore a fantastical, multimedia environment through sight, sound, movement, and touch. This ambitious new project has completely transformed the second floor of the Hardesty Center. Five local lead artists have guided the creative direction of the project. The art itself takes the form of fantastical multimedia that guests will experience and interact with as they move through the space.

Sign up to sleep in THE EXPERIENCE in David Reed James’ creation, the Siestamatic. Choose your time slot and provide your name and email. Arrive at ahha Tulsa at your designated time and get some zzzz’s in Tulsa’s most creative art environment. Here’s to art and snoozing!

Sleepers must be 18 or older. A ticket to ahha or current membership is required. Tickets are $10.95 for adults and may be purchased onsite. Before or after you volunteer, your ticket will give you access to THE EXPERIENCE, THE GALLERY, and THE STUDIO! Participation is at your own risk.

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