Unique Chest Tattoo Designs for Women


Tattoos are made to be shown, and more and more in case you have an exotic and unique tattoo inked on your “oh so sexy” chests! Chest tattoos look very beautiful on women and, for some reason always catch the attention of passers-by … come on it’s pretty hard to turn your eyes somewhere, when you can spot a girl who has a sexy at the looking for the tattoo chest was looking out the window!

Bird chest tattoo

If you like little more colorful birdies than resting on your chest then this tattoo would definitely make you happy and not afraid! why, you can ask? Well, can not you see the two nice little birdies carry the message that says no fear, not unhappy? the design complimented with a heart and two stars.

Medusa chest tattoo

Jellyfish, the witch, has always been a mystery to us. some women are so fascinated by the witch’s gaze that they have had her writing in ink on their bodies to show their love for the accursed woman. the tattoo shown below is not only beautiful, but also brings us back to Greek mythology era — era of many fantasies and adventures. here, the jellyfish is inked with its snakes, captured in a mirror.

Star chest tattoo

Stars have always been the subject for women’s tattoo artists and chests are not left behind when thinking about these blink of objects. here you can see the black color of the stars that are two in number and are large. they are inked with an arty design that compliments the “twinklers”!

Great queen tattoo chest

if there is a word that perfectly describes this tattoo, this word would be “hallucinating”! yes friends.the design is sure to flatter with its black color of the queen of the crown that is lined on three sides by huge looking for roses, not to forget artistic cross and skull, which gives it a Gothic appearance.

Indian style tattoo chest necklace

The style is Indian character since the look of a “choker” and looks royal. There are huge red roses on all three triangular faces, making the chest look sexy and awesome.

Black jet and a face of a girl

this tattoo design is very rare to place, but is a stunner in every way. the black raven of ember glances and the face of the girl is just simple and innocent.

Big owl chest tattoo

owls are usually seen on women’s bodies as tattoo artists find these majestic and artistic birds in ink. the tattoo owl shown here is huge and spectacular.

Butterfly mammoth with roses

Women, as we all know, are crazy about butterfly tattoos and the illustration below shows a funky gal wearing a huge colorful butterfly on his chest. the borders are colored in red and the roses look wonderful.

Deer skull chest tattoo

the tattoo is a little scary, but it is definitely a beautiful piece of art that includes two green diamonds coupled with the massive size of the red roses. the look is catchy.

The skull and the bat chest tattoo

This tattoo design amalgamates a lot of things into one big fat sexy tattoo. we can see a skull resting just above a bat. there is something written too, which adds to the glory of the tattoo.

Butterfly, and tattoo chest inscription

the butterfly inked here is beautiful to watch and people can not help but take the advice of some, the message that is written below the winged creature. this tattoo will surely turn heads!

Unique Chest Tattoo Designs for Women


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