Voise Update #9

Dear community we appreciate your patience and continued interest in Voise.

As many of you know based upon the latest beta release of the android app we have decided it would be best to move in a new direction, we are currently in negotiations with a tech team based in north america that can better suit our needs. Together with this new team we will be re-creating a reasonable roadmap and timeline, and developing a more detailed whitepaper with an improved technical breakdown of the Voise protocol.

For those interested in reviewing the beta app, we have provided it in the official telegram channel. Perhaps you would like to provide some feedback of the apk in its current version.

We wanted to give the existing development team the benefit of the doubt in leading development but the lack of commitment to build out Voise as per our whitepaper and timeline/roadmap led us to this decision. In between the missing of deadlines, associated costs expanding, and the missed opportunities from feedback and suggestions by Voise community members, major changes were needed. The consensus is that we move in a new direction. Needless to say we are excited to work with a more professional development team. We wish Vikas good luck in future endeavours.

One of the challenges in the cryptosphere is that projects are fixated on price pumping and marketing, and lack of focus in business development. Looking back at the dot com era, history teaches us many startups failed for these reasons. Voise is focused on the long term viability of this project by learning from these valuable lessons by focusing more on our business development, and including more revenue streams that will create more value for the Voise Protocol in the long term.

We remain committed to the Voise community and protocol, we believe great things are ahead regardless of any challenges. Getting it right is more important than releasing it wrong and without proper marketing before a solid product is achieved.

In the coming weeks we will be introducing some new members to Voise, and reorganising the existing structure, introducing team members, working with a new CTO, and development team with experience and a background in the development of blockchain, and decentralized applications, as well as musicians, artists, and creatives alike.

Remaining steadfast and committed to the Voise community and drawing inspiration from your collective voices, we value the time and effort so many of you have made, to inform, educate, and provide valuable feedback, thank you.

Regarding exchanges we will revisit the idea of committing resources to a listing on a major exchange as the project progresses. At this time HitBtc is in the the top ten exchanges, followed by BitZ soon to be in the top 10. In addition we are happy to announce that we are now listed on We will continue working to add more exchanges, as it is possible.

As part of the restructuring, we will be the re-envisioning the Voise logo. One of many issues left behind by the previous leadership, we are still trying to negotiate a possible resolution to the IP issue, but we feel a fresh logo will better reflect the new direction of Voise.

In the last 3 months we have experienced very high volatility in crypto markets leading to a very negative space inside the cryptosphere. Many projects are experiencing a lot of negativity and pressure from people whose expectations are running high. Due to the fact that some have lost substantially in the current markets, we ask that you respect the community and one another, just a little more during these times. Please follow our Code of Conduct in our channels. You can search for it in telegram.

There is always room for improvement, as always we welcome direct feedback at

Voise Inc