We are not a “Clothing Line” more so a “Fashion Gallery”.

Our audience is those who know the struggle, ever struggled or are currently going through the struggle but strive for a luxurious lifestyle. This not your typical motivational brand. My goal is not to just tell people what they can be but more so make the phrase,

“If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going. — Maya Angelou ”

into a fashionable statement where we can bring more awareness to self awareness. A lot of what’s impeding us from moving forward is not facing and embracing our past and current baggage. We must understand that life is like an elevator, it has a weight capacity and in every floor people will get on and off. Therefore, the people that got on the elevator with you eventually might not have the same destination as you, and will have to get off at a certain point. That doesn’t mean you have to pretend they didn’t exist, they were a chapter in your life which you may or may not have learned a lesson that led you into life’s next chapter.

The Product of Society Clothing Brand is for the self aware, courageous fashion enthusiast. Those that are not scared to make the statement that they are proud of where they are from, no matter where they are at in this very moment of their lives. Embrace the past, cherish the present and prevail in the future. My goal is to illustrate with every piece an environment that we may or may not be a product of. Encouraging everyone to embrace their environment and find themselves because being a product of society doesn’t necessarily mean you are only what society made you. Your environment is only just the base, how you build upon that base is up to you.

Although it may be out of some people’s price range we do make certain pieces a bit more generic for a more broad audience in a monochrome color scheme for those fan of the brand. On the other hand with our seasonal collections we are more inclined to be a bit more limited due to that fact that we search for specific cuts and fabric to fit the exact style and feels that we are determined to bring to your body and wardrobe. Each piece is makes a statement on its own but mostly designed to work as a collective. We encourage you to be creative, find your style, find your self and enjoy the process.

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