What is the ideal attire for training?

Fitness and health is on everyone’s mind nowadays, either trying to tone up lose a bit of belly fat, general health or grow massive guns. All age groups are really starting to take fitness serious.

When it comes to what to wear to wear there is a big ?

Some prefer to let there body breathe and see there body work

Some would prefer to dress more covered up

It’s all fit for purpose and what works for yourself, there never is anything that you can actually have to wear to the gym or for a jog in the park.

At Boss Things Apparel we are a innovative sports brand that’s doesn’t have a set style of fitness attire we are always trying to create and meet the needs of what people actually want to wear.

Our sports brand is has a causal twist to it sports fashion is more diverse now from wearing headbands, compressors and baggy bottoms. Yes we do think that style of fitness attire is still good but now a days people are dressed in #fitness wear all the time.

What are your views on fitness attire?

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